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The AP Delegate Count

Ive been a reader here for awhile now, but people seem to be upset about Ron Paul's Campaign using the AP delegate count so i just wanted to point something out.

Go back and watch interviews to media of Ron Paul. Everytime they ask him personally if they think he can win from so far behind, he responds "Well the numbers wouldn't suggest we could win" or "It doesnt appear that way," knowing full well the AP count wasnt accurate.

I always assumed that he was just being nice to them and playing by thier delegate count. Ron Paul always played nice and has played the game on their terms, letting them think we cant win and theres no way we can do what we ARE doing.

I personally see the current use of AP count no different from giving a statement to a reporter, yes it looks like they are ahead in the projected poll, but thats not how its going to turn out.

This statement has also been released at the point when we find out that we may have MORE delegates than romney(if you include RP delegates 'bound' to romney. To me, they are just reassuring the press we are not a force that can match up, all the sweeter when we take the election.