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"I Am The Ron Paul Revolution" Daily Paul Sign Drive

Ron Paul Swag and the Daily Paul have teamed up to introduce the Revolution Rip Sign! For every rip sign sold, a portion of the proceeds go directly to TheDailyPaul.com. They are VITAL to the movement and we support them 100%.

One side reads "I AM THE RON PAUL REVOLUTION" using the now iconic 'LOVE' Revolution logo. The reverse side is left blank. Perfect for writing your own message in permanent or erasable marker.


These are perfect for any sign wave or rally. Made of durable, vibrant, and high quality mylar our rip signs automatically roll together and can be quickly "ripped" open using the handles to reveal a 27" x 9.5" sign.
These signs are one of the coolest things we've made yet. They stay small and discrete, easily slipping in your pocket until you want to make that big impact.

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We are bringing 10 of this with PEACE bird sign in the back to

August 26th RonPaul Rally! mmmm. . . do we need more?

no delivery and no answer since 14th of april

dear ronpaulswag-people. could you please focus on delivery & client questions rather than on marketing? with regard to order# 1000017973
from the 14th of april, I tried to contact you twice & never got delivery nor an answer. this is the last try to get in contact with you before I reverse the credit-card payment!

This is obviously very cool,

This is obviously very cool, and people love these neat little things like the sign and that chocolate bar, but what about donating to liberty candidates across the country? Ron Paul is truly the very tip of a massive, massive iceberg of which we are all a part of. Sadly, it seems there is very little excitement about other liberty candidates and raising money about them.

You can raise easy money for a video game,
or a chocolate bar,
or even a blimp for that matter (haha),
but the new liberty candidates across the country need just as much help because they are both new and on fire for the Constitution.

I happen to be one of them.

I was endorsed by my home-state's new Liberty ND PAC, formed by Ron Paul supporters as well as Liberty-Candidates.org and was featured on Bloomberg BusinessWeek's article, "Ron Paul's Torchbearers."

I'm running for State House - District 42 in North Dakota. I have a very legit chance of winning the Primary on June 12th, which also features a statewide measure originally started by (who else) Ron Paul supporters that would abolish property taxes for good.

So liberty has all the momentum in North Dakota.

Can I get any help and for the rest of the liberty candidates? I also found out that the NDGOP Executive Committee has me squarely in their crosshairs because I have a shot at winning on June 12th.

Mike Peterson for District 42 House
Grand Forks, ND

contribute here:
our facebook page is here:

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Well, your rip sign is brilliant. rEVOLution in Peace?

Show me a comparable counterpart to this rEVOLution movement anywhere in politics today; you can't. The rEVOLution begets enthusiasm, enthusiasm begets energy, energy begets enthusiasm, and the vortex intensifies. Round and round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows...

BTW, time to move beyond money bombs. Time for something cleansing, nurturing, and longer lasting – Money Storm. – because, nobody had a rainbow until he had a rain.

Time to be more than RP

This movement is about more than RP. He is leading the revolution but he is not the revolution.

I suggest a sign (and bumper stickers, etc) that simply say:

"I am the rEVOLution"

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I'm for using RonPaul(ian) as a common noun/adjective,

like "Jeffersonian" philosophy. By keeping his name in the r3VOLution, those new to the Liberty Movement will be able to google RonPaul and watch RonPaulFLIX & youtubes :-) A compilation of Ron's congressional speeches alone will make a great textbook for newbies.

That would be great and easy to sneek into the convention! Here'

Please read: / This Republican Elite Establishment & Criminal Thug - ( SS ) / Secret Service fools will TRY to Do again to us Real Freedom Loving > Ron Paul Delegates in the National Convention in August 2012!!!


Sept, 04 2008 22:54 EST

RP Delegate Dennis Rothacker from ( Florida )

opened this story when he sent the following urgent text message:

*"We just had a group shot of all the RP delegates and alternates, the secret service came and started searching everyone and took anything RP related. We got it on video though..."*

Today at the Republican National Convention, as the Ron Paul Delegates were taking a picture in front of the model White House inside the Convention Center, they were surrounded by Secret Service which proceeded to search the bags of all the delegates. They took everything related to Ron Paul including signs, buttons, videos, slim jims, cards, even books. "This is an obvious and outrageous violation of our first amendment rights" said Nathan Hanson, attorney and Delegate from MN.

Alternate Delegate Dennis Rothacker from Florida said "We were done taking the picture when Secret Service started walking into the room and surrounded us. There were about 30 of them. When they searched my bags they took my Ron Paul sign and turned a deaf ear to my complaints, they just walked away." Another delegate said that the people surrounding them were wearing red McCain hats and identified themselves as police to him.

Delegate Ron Warner from Fairbanks, Alaska added that as he was walking into the convention center today with about 15 Revolution Manifesto books, 20 DVD's for Delegates, 20 Ron Paul buttons and a handful of other things, he was stopped by security which called on upon an apparent supervisor, who directed all the materials to be confiscated. She told him, "You can't bring that in here, this is McCain territory"

Dennis, Ron and the other delegates report being openly followed by Secret Service. Dennis says that delegates known to support Ron Paul had been openly monitored from the beginning of the convention, but that now they are being shadowed constantly by these people.

There are also reports of delegates being approached by security and told that they will be summarily thrown out if they leave their assigned chair, and are advised not to walk around.

Delegate Corey Sax From MN's district five was on the floor and he witnessed six oral votes for Ron Paul out of a forty something total delegation. These votes were counted, but not read aloud by the RNC in the count or shown in the screen. He and others said that they thought there was an obvious attempt to suppress the votes casted for Ron Paul.

Corey says that Ron Carey and Tim (last name missing) witnessed the RNC tell them that they had technical difficulties and that was the reason for not reading the votes for Ron Paul. He says that the same happened to the Texas delegation and the delegation from other states. He clearly stated that illegal under-counting of delegates votes was going on across many states delegations. It appears that the number of votes casted for Ron Paul were not read aloud or posted on the screen.

Adam Weigold, Delegate from MN, reported that today he has been approached at least five times by other delegates at large who ask him to borrow his pass to go the bathroom. From his conversation with other delegates, he believes that this is part of an orchestrated effort because many of them have been approached. Without their pass credentials, they would not be able to claim their seat or remain at the

Other delegates who gave interviews were Jeff Austin, from NC, and Nathan Hanson, a delegate and attorney from MN.

The delegates remain at the convention center till 10:30 or 11:00PM. They were planning to approach the media and demand that this obvious disregard for the first amendment and for their votes in a national US election for president be reported by the national media.

St Paul MN

Ron Paul Supporters Mistreated During 2008 Minnesota ( RNC National Convention )

By NWV News Director, Jim Kouri

Posted 1:00 AM Eastern

While millions of Americans watched the 2008 Republican Convention on television, the well-staged event wasn't all peaceful and enthusiastic, according to several delegates attending the St. Paul, Minnesota event.
Several delegates -- who are avowed Ron Paul supporters -- claim they were treated shabbily at best, harshly at worst.

"While almost every other GOP contender for president was permitted to speak at the convention, Ron Paul was not. The word was that Paul was invited, with the natural caveat that he (like the other speakers) endorse McCain for president, which Paul was reportedly unwilling to do," said a McCain delegate from West Virginia.

"Instead, Paul held a separate 'convention' for one day at the Target Center in Minneapolis," said the WV delegate.

The McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee were unnecessarily nervous about the presence of Ron Paul delegates at the XCel Energy Center, and sometimes that fact was reflected in unwarranted actions, such as someone yanking away a banner proclaiming the word "Liberty" being held by a handful of Paul delegates outside the building, according to several delegates.

In fact, several told NewsWithViews.com that while the Rep. Paul delegates demonstrated little, if any, support for McCain throughout the convention -- mostly sitting quietly on their hands while the rest of the crowd erupted around them -- they caused no problems and were respectful and polite, including the Paul delegates from West Virginia.

"The Ron Paul movement has brought thousands of young people into the political process -- shouldn't the GOP find ways to welcome them rather than alienate them?” said "Patrick," a delegate and Ron Paul supporter from Maine.
The Maine delegate claimed that these was probably a larger contingent of military and police than there were delegates and alternates.

"Buses, each with an armed law enforcement official [took] us from the hotel to the convention [center] each day. Upon arrival you go through two levels of electronic security like the airport. Once you arrive on the convention floor, they have security guards every ten feet facing the rows of delegates," said Patrick.

Delegates were not allowed to speak throughout the convention. Periodically the security guards, would tell the delegates to rise and cheer. Prior to the convention, delegates were told no banners or signs would be allowed, several sources told NewsWithViews.

At opening of the convention, the convention floor was flooded with McCain banners. At different times, there was a large contingent of men with McCain baseball caps at the entranceway out of sight at the entrances to the aisles.
When former Democrat Joe Lieberman or one of the other McCain celebrities were introduced, the young men with red baseball caps were released and sent down the aisles to cheers and then returned to back of the convention floor to await the next cue to fill the aisle make it appear that the convention floor was filled.

Several delegates complained that anything proposed by Rep. Ron Paul or his staff was not included in the list of Platform resolutions. In addition, no Ron Paul delegate was allowed to serve on either the Platform Committee or the Rules Committee.

"No delegate or alternate had an opportunity to read the rules because they were not made available until the start of the convention," said another Ron Paul supporter.
"Thus the opportunity to offer floor amendments was impossible. As a Ron Paul delegate, I was made to feel like a turd in a punch bowl.....may have something to do with the large Ron Paul button I was wearing and my refusal to stand amidst all the cheering for folks like Joe Lieberman," said the Maine delegate.

"When asked by the Maine delegation Whip if I would vote for John McCain, I told him I would be voting for Ron Paul. His reply was [that] the Maine delegation would not announce 20 votes for John McCain and 1 for Ron Paul. Rather they would just announce 20 votes for McCain. Apparently, he felt that uttering Ron Paul's name would be giving Ron Paul too much publicity," said the angry delegate.

"More than one delegate shared the view that control over the delegates' speech and movements, along with the ever-present police, seemed somewhat intimidating," said political strategist Mike Baker.
"Were it not for the wonderful hospitality of the legion of Minneapolis and St. Paul volunteers and staff who catered to our every whim, this would have been a pretty dismal experience."
"I guarantee you that none of John McCain supporters, if there were any were mistreated at the Ron Paul's rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This proves that the Republican Party has lost its way," added Baker.

Security was especially tight the final day when McCain was present, with the Transportation Security Administration - in charge.
Drew Ivers, long-time GOP activist who headed the Ron Paul delegation to the RNC convention, told NewsWithViews he had been forced to surrender a tiny penknife he carries with him - although he had been able to bring it through the security clearance the three previous days with no problems.
It has a tiny blade, but the TSA official told Ivers his knife would have been confiscated even if it had been only a quarter of an inch long.
Ivers said he found it "really ironic" that McCain "was promising to reduce the size of government - and just moments before my knife had been confiscated by federal agents."

"In my opinion that is excessive government," Ivers exclaimed. "The terrorists have won - we're being forced to give up our liberties in the name of being protected against terrorism."
He said that Ron Paul was "right on target" in his speech at Target Center. "He [Paul] said we should not be asked to give up one ounce of our civil liberties and that's what we're doing."

Stealth Conventionry

Oh it's definitely the "Stealth" solution, no doubt.

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

Iraq Veterans Against the War protester at RNC Kokesh w/banner


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Dowel Rod to hold sign open.

At the crafts store, or at the hardware store, you can get a dowel rod, cut it to size, and notch the ends just a bit, that can serve to hold your RIP SIGN open.

I like "RIP FLASH SIGN" as well for a brand name, that gives it a visual and an auditory connotation.

If yer like me, you can pick your teeth with the dowel as needed, ... ahem.

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

I actually LOVE "Flash" sign.

I actually LOVE "Flash" sign.

Check your email :)

For "October Surprise" and take a look at this:


How about a new marketing name...

Rip signs may have a bad connotation (when I say "may" I mean it does to me.)

How about calling them Flash signs

Descriptive, cheeky, and avoids that 'end of the road' connotation.

how about zip signs,....were

how about zip signs,....were these newly invented?

PLEASE!! Do NOT Buy These Signs!

First, they are a functionally stupid design (what am I supposed to do? Hold this stupid thing out for how long? No clapping, no picture taking, no ANYthing!)

Worse though, instead of buying 3 of these at 6+ dollars a pop, you could send 20 dollars to the money bomb which will help Ron Paul raise the money he needs to continue winning this campaign with! And NOT to some company reaping in huge profits with all their "swag" so that they might give the Paul campaign "a portion of their proceeds!" What does that mean? Is a nickel a "portion?" How about a PENNY? It sure is!

If you need a sign MAKE ONE! They mean more that way besides! Why do you think Romney hands out fake "homemade" signs at his rallies? (If you can call a rally 150 people) They show sincerity! (though in our case it would be REAL!)

And if you're not feeling capable and you really need to buy a sign, buy it from the ronpaul2012 site where ALL the profit goes to the campaign, not just some insignificant "portion!" And believe me, if it were significant, they wouldn't just TELL you what it was, they would BRAG about it!

I make my own designs and print them on iron-ons for T-shirts. I buy blank sticker sheets at Staples and print "A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama!" cut them out and stick them on EVERYTHING! Gas pumps, public bathroom mirrors, stop signs... I write in pen on dollar bills. I've even used refrigerator magnets glued side by side onto the backs of glossy printed signs and put them on my car. Then after figuring out all the money I saved, I SEND IT TO THE CAMPAIGN!! I really DO!

Ron Paul needs our money to go on. He asked us for it last week and many of us waited for the money bomb. Well it's here now so send your money! And send it to the right person!

I might agree with you that

I might agree with you that the sign is stupidly designed, but it probably isn't intended for rallies, more for people who sneak into places where Ron Paul isn't welcome, as a surprise.

I don't necessarily think donating directly to the campaign is better. You're free to buy something else from the campaign too if you like. The money in this sign sale goes to DailyPaul.

Looks like you do very well with DIY, and I applaud that.

I stand corrected

In my haste, I had misread WHO the donations were helping. I do like donations helping the Daily Paul. There are few (if ANY) more worthwhile sites. I come here a dozen times a day looking for latest news, etc.

Sooooo... Donate to BOTH! =)

youtube lies?!

As of the time of my posting, there's 62 sold, yet youtube records that the video has only been viewed 70 times? How can it be less than 700 by now?

Hey Josh - Benito here (from

Hey Josh - Benito here (from the video). I made it just recently. That's why the views are so low. We just posted it. =)

as of now, the views has

as of now, the views has exceeded the sales, which is expected, but still hard to believe after a day, less than 250 views.

DailyPaul gets over 100 views every hour.

btw, please see my suggestion for waiving shipping price after 20 pieces.


Ok, I see that it's nice when rolled up, but where and how do you hang it? Do I need 2 hands to hold it up? How is that a better sign than a soft rolled paper or tarp if I need 2 hands?

Very Nice!


Ok, genius!

Great for whipping out at an Obamny rally.

You will become pretty wealthy

from the use of your American LIBERTY minded INGENUITY. It Is R3VOLUTION-ary 8)

On a side note:
Hope you got the patent and prevent TED CRUZ from representing the Chinese company that might steel the idea...

The right gimmick at the

The right gimmick at the right time!
I like it!

my Ron Paul video collection:

(4 years RP, over 2300 videos)

I tried 3 times to buy 3 of them and no luck.

Not sure why it wont go to the checkout..I will try again, but if Im having issues other would be too..

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE

Give it another shot. I just

Give it another shot. I just tested it and it worked fine. People are successfully checking out too. Anyone else having this issue?

Wherever you can post it...

Put in on the back of your car window. Make a sign on a stick. Chalk it on anything. How about post it packs with the www.dailypaul.com website added to it.

This is the message and it should be blasted across the country just like KILROY WAS HERE after WWII

www.becomeaPC.com No excuses.

Nice idea ~BUT~ My arms get tired & I need my hands free

Can it be unfurled in a fixed position and attached to a pole high above the crowds head? People don't appreciate signs in their viewing angles at rallies.

Galatians 5:1
It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Good to know i'm not alone

Good to know i'm not alone here. Im sure there's a place for signs that are designed for discretion and easy transport, but I prefer using 1 or 0 hands, not 2.