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Gop 2.0

I like what some of the 3rd party groups like the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party stand for, but ultimately I think they do more harm than good. If people who share libertarian ideals leave GOP1.0 and take their activism to a 3rd party, this allows the GOP1.0 to not have to concern itself with the ideas of Liberty and the Constitution.

I've heard numerous remarks to the effect of .. "No Republican talks like that" in response to the way the Libertarians talk about Liberty, the Constitution, Sound Money, and peace.

If libertarian minded folks leave GOP1.0 and go back to their familiar echo chamber of like minded individuals they will not have to put up with these comments. But the converse is true, and much more frightening. If libertarian minded folks leave GOP1.0 then the Republicans will not have any voices objecting when they disrespect the Constitution, ride rough-shot over our Liberties, and promote war.

GOP1.0 likes it this way. They sleep better at night without the conscience of the objecting Libertarian. They are perfectly happy to let Libertarians go off to eat at the preverbial "children's table" of 3rd party status, while the "adults" in the two party system carve the turkey.

In my opinion, going 3rd party does more harm than good. It is also my opinion that we must stay engaged in the GOP and make it GOP2.0

GOP2.0 talks about non-intervention, sound money, Liberty, the rule of law, and the role of government.

Do not scurry off to the echo chambers where everyone says the same thing you do. There will be no victory there. Stay and become GOP2.0 and be active in your support for those Republicans that emulate Dr Paul and his R3volution.

This include sending ALL possible delegates to Tampa!

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Yup this is what I was thinking myself

I created a thread like this a while back and am working on the GOP 2.0 website as we speak.


Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

bump w/ final thought

This includes sending ALL possible delegates to Tampa to imprint Libertarian principles in the Republican platform, and to show on the national stage that Republicans.. no matter how many special interest groups you cozy up to, if you do not support Liberty, the grass roots will weed you out.

Special interest money won't save you because our Liberty is priceless.