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Did anyone else cry upon reflection?

Did anyone else schedule their trip to Tampa?

What a better way to show everyone that there is still time to correct the mistakes made by those currently in charge of our Government. Show up in a force so large that they'll know we are here to stay! and to TAKE OVER !!!!

I didn't max out my contributions , plant all those signs and talk to all those people about our r3volution to have it come to an end by being nice to the RNC and taking our small quite placement in the backroom area of the GOP.
No thanks
Paulfestival Tampa See ya there.

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I've actually been thinking

I've actually been thinking about this for the past couple of weeks. I hope that we can get a very large number (over 200,000) to go to Tampa. I think supporters that live in the same areas should find ways to get there together and figure out ways to minimize cost.

I live in Southern California so it's gonna be a long way.


Even if it is just me I will be there!!!

UPDATE: you will know its me I will have a shirt made with my username on it ;)


What choice do we have?
Let beat them at their own game!!!