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Here's The Bottom Line On Ron Paul's Campaign...

Our delegates were abused at every turn buy other campaign supporters, the state GOP operatives or the administrative workers.

Jessie Benton chose to defend our attackers indirectly.

Jessie Benton chose not to defend and support our delegates.

Jessie Benton is NOT a revolutionary.

He is a political operative period.

We have hundreds of hours of video testimony from all across America giving credibility to our claims of mistreatment.

We have not abused the rules. We honored the rules.

Jessie Benton has not honored our delegates.

Jesse Benton just paid lip service to the delegates in some emails.

He didn't defend the delegates in his press conference.

The bottom line is Jessie Benton's actions dishonor the blood, sweat, and tears our delegates have paid.

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Jesse Benton chose the

Jesse Benton chose the honorable path of not crying like a little bit ch, every time someone's feelings were hurt. Now. As the farmer said to the mule, " Keep plowing! "

How about we stay focused on

How about we stay focused on our goals and stop all this speculative garbage and finger pointing. We have an enemy and clear targets,so let's fight this battle.

And you are

continuing to dishonor them with this trolling thread that's been done to death by 300 negative trolls before you.

ALL of this is true!

Jesse is a political operative at best. And if he could not, for some odd reason support the delegates directly, THEN SHUT UP!

You don't go doing what he did. And if RP is fine with that then it's on him too! You don't lay on the people on the front-lines a bunch of dumb negatives!

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17


Another possibility

Jesse was reading DP. He did not like the criticism of him, and he used his opportunity to take a revenge. But, maybe trolls were criticizing on purpose, to divide and conquer? And, they made it?

its time to work

Benton is rope a doping. The gop and media thugs have been thouroughly exposed. Playing along all the way to tampa so the real fight happens there. Our trump card is the moral justifition to disregard the binding of delegates in tampa. If we use that card now then well fizzle but let it build until august with thousands in the streets and paul delegates in the seats.


you have to choose your battles. The Evidence of cheating, dirty tricks, and thug tactics is not going anywhere.It is well documented.

Maybe JB watches too much TV.

Thinking he's getting news. It's a common mistake, most make it regularly.

It's sad to watch.

Free includes debt-free!

I think Jesse like most of

I think Jesse like most of America finds himself in over his head going up against the Federal Reserve subsidiaries in the GOP, the corporate media and the fear of public perception.

Don't title anything with his name anymore.

I've been watching posts and there are people on here who keep down voting them. Lots of infiltrators have taken over the DP. Get creative in your titles so they have to read them first! Positive posts are getting down voted like crazy. The only positive posts getting up votes are the ones with lots of negative comments in the thread.

You mean

infiltrators like YOU, plotting new ways to stick a knife in the campaign's back, as I can read in your post.

I need to be updated.

I've been reading stuff on here the past two days and I log on today and it seems like I must be missing some important post. The mood on here today is more like Dr. Paul totally quit or something. People saying, "we must do everything necessary to have Dr. Paul speak in Tampa". What changed from last night to this morning? I thought we are still voting for Paul in the primaries, still going to amass delegates at the convention and hopefully win in Tampa. What happened.
Direct me to the post where all of this changed.

I don't believe there is one...

Game plan hasn't changed.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

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Nope, game plan hasn't changed. The only thing that has changed

is the number of new members posting articles bashing the campaign and causing dissent. The articles on the front page pretty much say it all so I'd start there if I were you.


Nothing has changed that a big bucket of money wouldn't help. But other than that we're just grunting out the yardage.

Free includes debt-free!