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Free Ron Paul Paper AD- Please Share!

Our local campaign leader here in Hot Springs, AR has put together this Ron Paul AD for our newspaper. He wishes the ad to be spread as far as possible so that people can print it out to use as flyers, post around the web, and RUN IT IN NEWSPAPERS. Here's what he says about the AD:

"We've worked hard on the wording of this AD and it's been well received here in Arkansas -- it seems to resonate with voters (even if they are convinced that "Romney is the inevitable nominee") by giving them a reason to "SEND A MESSAGE TO ROMNEY" by VOTING FOR RON PAUL IN THE PRIMARY.

We can change it (for free) to fit ANY STATE. I can also send you the AD in a pdf format which newspapers request. My email address: RonPaul2012atearthlink.net"

CLICK HERE TO VIEW AD!!!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/vl1b7v7xmdswkuj/ron%20paul%20ad.jpg

Let's go out and WIN!

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Such a great Ad!

Simple, clear and to the point! Good Job!

There are still so many Santorum and Gingrich followers that do not want Romney (the moderate) to be the nominee. Hopefully this will help rally them all behind Dr. Paul!

“Governments never learn. Only people learn.”
― Milton Friedman

Great AD... We are the movement and this is what we should

place in Texas and California.... It should be broadcasted in every paper in these States!

Please forward this on to www.ronpauldallas2012.com see if they could help... I believe this office is not part of the campaign, but a grass roots office.

Thanks, I will!

Thanks, I will!

Please send to Dr. K Research... Maybe his Liberty pac

can help with a few placements as well.