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“The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.” - Luke 18:27

If you feel that there is no hope left of Dr. Paul winning the GOP nomination, it is because God is about to show the world a miracle to glorify His name. All the other candidates felt that they were called upon by God himself to run for this office - He is about to show you who He REALLY wants to win this office. Have faith and you will move mountains.

The captain of our ship has stepped aside, so that you and I can take the helm. It's up to you now... and me... and each and every one of us to lead this movement. Instead of one Ron Paul, there will be MILLIONS of Ron Pauls. But it's up to you to decide how to further the cause of Liberty. The world is your oyster, and only you have the power to shape it and decide how you want it to be.

For me, as foolish as it may seem to some, I still believe there is hope. If enough people get together, we can enforce Rule 38 (http://www.fox19.com/story/18305604/reality-check-why-all-rn...) and still get a majority vote on the convention floor. The RNC is not a government agency, and violation of its rules are not punishable by criminal prosecution. Worst case scenario, they will fine the delegates and send them home to be replaced by alternates.

Here's what I believe we can accomplish:

1. Continue to work on winning delegates, winning primaries, winning hearts and minds as we always have. It's important that we work harder than ever - like our lives depended on it, because it does. The rest of your life, and the world you leave behind for your children depend on what you do in the next 100 days. Go back to sleep and plug yourself back into the machine if you think there's no hope anymore. Or dig deep and think about what you've been fighting for all this time and push on for one last fight.

2. Make our presence known in Tampa this August. We need hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS to descend upon the GOP convention. Make our PEACEFUL presence impossible to ignore. Show the delegates that we will back them up if they vote their conscience and unbind themselves. The Paul Festival was designed specifically for this purpose (www.PaulFestival.com) - to invite delegates, convert them, and get them to vote for Dr. Paul by showing the MASSIVE support behind our movement that the mainstream media has willfully ignored. I'm not just saying this because I'm one of the organizers. All of us are unpaid volunteers. All money raised will go towards supporting/promoting Dr. Paul, other liberty minded candidates, and promote freedom, peace, and prosperity.

3. We can use this event to ignite a tidal wave of Blue Republicans coming out of the closet in the entertainment/media industry. With their influence and large donations, we win the general election.

That's it. It won't be easy, but three simple steps to the White House - THIS year, WITH Dr. Paul. Tear down the walls that divide us; left/right, conservative/liberal, Occupy/Tea Party, all the labels people use... just get rid of them and raise your voice, united for the cause of Freedom and Liberty. As Deborah Robinet always says - diversity finds unity in the message of Freedom. God willing, it'll be difficult, but not impossible.

May the force be with us all.

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"The Captain of Our Ship Has Stepped Aside"????

And when did YOU give up? Time, date, incident?

I am not religious..

this is a beautiful bible quote, and a very inspirational message thank you!.. If Ron Paul wins the NOM I will be in church every Sunday!