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And this is what we are good at!!!

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, stopped active campaigning, but without an endorsement. He indicated he was still seeking delegates.

We really need to the the ponzi scheme out to CNN use it against romney now!!! 8.5bill romney and his son help steal from others.. i'll update with the link

UPDATE LINK: http://www.dailypaul.com/230720/romney-son-investigated-for-...

Do politicians ever reverse their endorsement?

Just wondering.

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LOL, I love the last line of the article:

"Obama met Wednesday with small business leaders, then lawmakers of both parties. Vice President Joe Biden, campaigning in Ohio, slammed 'Romney economics'.”

Are they actually gonna campaign on their position on the economy being the ONLY difference, as if there really is a difference? Don't they know how much more educated the electorate is about the Federal Reserve? Ugh, what a joke.

yup thats what obama did why

yup thats what obama did why cant we