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Everyone listen up! Where we go from here!

Ok I know things are in total disarray with what's going on this week but people listen just because Jessie Benton doesn't thing we have a shot at winning doesn't mean we give up with what we have achieved thus far! We the people of this movement have a lot of power we have gained majority in what like 11 states?! And I ask how did we do that?! With Determination and hard work that's how! We are this campaign,we are the delegates and we are the grassroots of the Republican party! We need to move forward with the original goal that Dr Paul has set and win these damn delegates! There is no reason to stop just because due to funds RP can't hold big events that's all that's changed! Now lets move forward and take control in these upcoming state conventions and lets show the MSM and Romney that were not backing down! Now lets here it for all the support we have given RP and give ourselves a pat on the back and get on with our goals and the campaign!
Now what is our plan of attack for these upcoming state conventions? I know Michigan is coming up this weekend... Any word on this?!
Get involved, have fun, WIN!


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