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What is going on with silver today? It is at $26.93 now

I just bought $409 dollars worth at the close of the day yesterday from my brother that runs a gold and silver shop and only charges $1.50 over spot and now I wished I had waited.

Look at the chart http://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

BTW, if you want to buy off my brothers Kenny or Steven for the same price I pay (1.50 over spot) tell them that you are friends with Brian Frank Here is his website and phone number


(440) 951-2274

They will ship it to you

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The problem you DONT want to get into

is buying gold and silver as a short term investment. If you think that way, trying to figure out when to buy and sell, then you're missing the point of buying it in the first place. Which is to be a hedge against the fiat dollar. If you are truly trying to hedge your USD, you won't be selling.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero


If you do try to buy and sell as an investment or way to make money, you will almost certainly loose money.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero


Greece is collapsing and so our fake dollar's value is up lol Also, J P Morgan lost 2 billion in derivitaves so they had to dump alot of gold and silver to cover their loses. In other words....the bankers are still minipulating the markets, the dollar and gold and silver. Keep buying, the big boys sell at the artificial high and then buy it back NOW to bring it up to a high again to sell and drive it down to a low again. It's the game they play...simple

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Head fakes. Now back up to $27.30

Who knows what's next.

employment is ok so that

employment is ok so that means perception of money supply growth is slowing and dollar goes up as stocks go down. gold is overvalued as far as what it buys. should be about 1200

I've been wondering about this

I told my mom to hang onto some old silver quarters that she has. She was going to sell them for about $3/a piece. But I'm wondering if old gold/silver jewelry is a good way to invest in precious metals? I was going to hit the resale shops and estate sales (not the estate sales run by the pros who add tax and a generous percentage for themselves).

Tell her to hang on to them

Im not selling, but I will wait until it drops to about 23.50-24 an ounce to buy more. 22 is probably the bottom

What are you basing your prediction on?

The way the market is manipulated, it's hard to say where the price will go in the short term. Looking at the current world economy, I think it's a safe bet that it will continue to climb in the long term, but if you wait for the "bottom", you may miss out on the good deals that are out there today. I just started stacking up silver a few months ago, so I'm not an expert by any means, but I'm planning on converting as much of my extra cash into silver as possible, regardless of the price. I do not see the economy recovering within the foreseeable future.


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