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What the HECK just happened in Oregon?!

seriously What the heck just happened in Oregon. My Uncle just emailed to say his wife was crying because it looked so good for Ron Paul and then WHAM! looks like Ron Paul was lucky to get 4 delegates - WHAT THE HECK?!

he reports that they are still counting....but for some reason - which is defying logic - Romney delegates are surging.

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Here is my video and full

Here is my video and full blog style account of what happened http://www.dailypaul.com/243543/damning-video-from-oregon-co...

Here Is A Long Link To Oregon Events, With Some Video:

The Primary results and delegate count, is still in limbo.

Additional comments at the bottom of the article:




take your negative uninformed comments and go to the toilet and flush them.

This is a MAIL IN BALLOT STATE (for the neophyte fools at the bottom of this string)

The ballots were mailed to everyone in April. Your idiotic insinuation that the Monday and Tuesday Email had any effect on this vote shows your utter STUPIDITY. I hope your not a delegate, because we need intelligent people, not ignorant, neophyte, CHILDREN.

I certainly agree, we do

need intelligent people. Please correct your misspelling of the word "your" to "you're" so it doesn't highlight your "utter STUPIDITY."

It would be possible

if you hadn't replied. Once a comment had been replied to it can't be changed. Go ahead, try to change yours. Can't be done.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

They voted

They voted Yesterday? Aren't you a little late?

Just a primary. No big deal.

Just a primary. No big deal.


Ok, i'm from Lane county

Ok, i'm from Lane county (Eugene) Oregon.

Here is my personal opinion of what happened.

1. The only Ron Paul sign I saw in anyone's yard ever in my city of 250k was the one in my own yard.
2. the only Ron Paul bumper sticker I saw on anyone's car ever was the one on my own car and a few of my fellow grassroots meetup folks.
3. our meetup group is small even though we have 250k people in Eugene/Springfield metro
4. I only had 1 RP PCP available in my precinct to write in
5. My friends love Ron Paul but REFUSE to register GOP to vote for him. I mean, people REALLY hate the GOP in this city. I was able to convince people that I know that are already republicans to vote for Ron Paul easily. But I was unable to get a single person (besides myself) to swap parties in order to do so. We have active Libertarian, Green Party, and Independent parties in Oregon.
6. RP hasn't been mentioned in the T.V. or newspaper media for a long time
7. UofO college is very liberal, one of the most liberal around I think, I don't even know if the Youth for Ron Paul chapter is active, because we wanted Ron Paul to come speak at the U but the campaign wanted it to be supported by the students. Didn't get enough sigs.
8. the Republicans that we do have, go with the party recommendation.

In Lane county, the Dem's got 54% (!) voter turnout. The GOP got ~34%.

All this means is that we HAVE to reach the 65% of Republicans who even though they didn't even have to drive anywhere to vote and had a ton of time to do it (several weeks), didn't even bother to send in the ballot. We have some serious brush-fire-of-liberty setting to do in the next 4 years !

I'm From the Same Area

I live in the same county and I disagree with some of what you posted. I've seen more Ron Paul signs/stickers than any other candidate and only Obama had any other stickers (no signs) in town.
Additionally I've converted many countless former democrats to be Blue Republicans just to support Ron Paul.
At a meetup I was given a good amount of brochures, cards, and stickers to spread the word and I did just that: In addition to talking to people the message got out there.
If Ron Paul hasn't been mentioned in the newspaper in a long time, then do what I did: write to the editors and get an opinion piece published. (be the change you want to see in the world).

Complaints are one thing, addressing complaints is another. I commend you for your work, but keep pushing to do as much as possible to get that brushfire of liberty roaring.

There's TONS of Paul supporters in Eugene, and many more who don't realize it yet until someone like you or me lets them know there's someone in office fighting for the changes they want to see.

I'm From Southern Oregon Jinn, And I Don't Share All,,

Of your opinions.

Southern Oregon has voted mostly Republican, for many years, while from Eugene north, Democrats rule.

We had lots of Ron Paul signs and bumper stickers in Southern Oregon, ""NO"" Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich signs that I saw, in fact, I gave away about 150 Ron Paul yard signs.

If you watch the video's in this link, you'll get a good idea of the Republican age group, that attends district Republican {only} conventions:


My opinion is: The old guard Republicans are more loyal to their party, than to the country and the Constitution!


Are they the state that had mail in votes?


yes Oregon was all mail votes

wonder how that got corrupted

Ron Paul ... forever.

mail got there before Monday evets

I believe.

Ron Paul ... forever.


We got our ballots way back in April, and about 34% of Republican ballots had been returned before the emails so I don't think that had much affect.

Actually, his percentage started to go up once they got past those first 34%. I'm not sure how big the final turnout was but they're at 43% right now. I think like some other RP supporters I held on to my ballot until the last minute for PCP write-ins.

WearsMyLiberty.com - Liberty shirts and Ron Paul shirts to spread the message

Just A Note.

I live in rural Oregon, and pick my mail up at the local U. S. Post Office, in the closest town.
When we picked up our mail, and ballot we were surprised to see a large amount of "unopened" ballots in the trash containers.
These are "registered" democrats, republican, libertarian, non-affiliated, and others that are apparently, disgusted with the political process enough to throw away their ballots.


Then there should be further investigation

I wish everyone took a picture and scanned their vote. I bet lots got dumped in the trash.

OK I see why she was crying

I think I'm gonna go throw up.

That whole scene with Jesse and the memo. WHAT THE HECK?!! I would like to use stronger words here...but I'm going to go throw up.

reedr3v's picture

I am concerned the Campaign deflated the

r3VOLution just at its peak.

It's all on twitter

Looks like Jesse and Rand's plan worked.

Just in case it wasn't clear enough

No One but RON Paul...
not until '16 if this country survives that long anyway

spell it out please.

You mean Jesse is gunning to be Rand's campaign manager. Say it isn't so!

No Seriously - someone give us a break down.