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No Video Rule at Convention -Help

I am on the rules committee for my State (Washington). Some of the other committee members are trying to make a rule that video tapping the convention will not be allowed. Any help that you can give me on arguing my point to allow video tapping I would appreciate.

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We had a couple of Kitsap

We had a couple of Kitsap County Sheriffs Deputies 'stop by' our second convention on May 12th. When the flunkies tried to stop someone from recording the convention, the officers told them they couldn't remove him because he wasn't violating the law and in fact the staffers were violating his rights since the meeting was open to the public.

To what the others have said,

To what the others have said, add these:

0. Instituting such a rule would cause people to ask the legitimate question, what did the rule committee expect would happen that they did not want the public to see?

1. A motion will inevitably be brought to invalidate such a rule, and almost as inevitably the rule will be voted down (for good reason).

2. Even if the rule is not voted down, people will make stealth videos anyway, and post them to youtube.

3. If irregularities or cheating does occur, people will reasonably suspect that the rules committee knew it was going to happen.

4. What do you expect to gain from banning video?

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This is an American Main

This is an American Main Event. We Americans have always taped our main event's. Everybody will be taping and recording as well they should its the American way. So kiss my #ss, Motion Denied.

Get the pin camera and tell them George Washington and

Patrick Henry supported open conventions and won the war for all of us.
Tell them you want to share the convention proceedings for historical
purposes as you KNOW it will be exciting. and you are going to donate a copy of the video to the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION and tell them you have contacted someone (call her MARY JONES!) at the SMITHSONIAN and she is waiting for the copy of the video and knows what shelf she is going to file it on as this election is making history.

Tell them since you have committed this video to the SMITHSONIAN it would now be a FEDERAL OFFENSE for them to not allow you to videotape the proceedings....then ask them if they know what "pin cameras" are.

Tell them "pin cameras" are right at that moment recording their conversation and you are going to show everyone on the internet WHO is trying to prevent you from videotaping.

And CALL THE POLICE BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!!! Take control and tell the police what is going to happen. Be PROACTIVE. You are the "responsible party" and the police need to know this video is going to the SMITHSONIAN as a part of PATRIOTIC HISTORY!

Calling the police BEFORE YOU GET THERE is the most important. Good Luck. Tell them you are on to their shenanigans and you are ready for them ...[even if you're not!} EFFEM


I turst you,

Trust but verify....

If they do not allow taping in a public venue that you are a member of, get a pin camera, they are about $50 but...you can also get taping on your phone or carry a small pocket tape recorder.

I trust you , but I would like you to be able to verify what I am doing as well. We can trust each other, but this way we can verify that the process is being done correctly.

The other thing you could do is well....normal circumstances I do not encourage this, BUT this is a battle, tell them you want to have proof in case those Ron Paul supporters cause any trouble.

if it does

Use Dot Cam they won't see that

There are many good reasons...

First and foremost is that transparency fosters trust among party members and the public who should have confidence that their political process is not conducted in smokey, back rooms. Moreover, knowing that it was all videotaped, will temper any instinct to suspect wrongdoing among those who feel disenfranchised.

Second, video recording promotes good behavior and decorum. People will be less likely to be rowdy and disruptive if their conduct can later be reviewed and scrutinized. (stress that this might help the party ensure their establishment members that the Paul supporters behave, so they don't embarass themselves.)

Third, video/audio recording serves as a backup record if any disputes emerge. This is especially important in a convention that relies on voice votes, because otherwise how can you later prove the "ayes" have it?

Fourth, video recording will save time and money if for example an essential record is lost, the minutes were allegedly recorded incorrectly, or a dispute arises about other facts captured on video.

There are probably more, but its a start.

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The Conventions are open and transparent

part of an honest voting process that should not be denied.
There is no reason not to allow video taping unless there is some underhanded and illegal actions expected.

It is the Peoples right to be able to view the Conventions. Too many shenanigans have been going on not to video tape it.