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Ron Paul, Disappointment and Distributed Power

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A System of Checks and Balances

A system of Checks and Balances was unheard of when established in 1777. Today this system maybe the most important piece of the puzzle to get this country BACK. Our founding father were very intelligent, we have already nominated many elected officials in the GOP. Why cant we elect our Congressmen and Senators too. They are doing such a Terrible job on Capital Hill, Its impractical to quit now!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and...


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Right On! WE are the movement...and we will succeed

no matter what - as much as we support Ron Paul, he is one man. We are millions. Never Give Up, Never Give In.

Ron Paul has never let 'me' down...and never will,

Our 'problem' Trevor...and most of us know it, IS the corrupt two party system. And without 'known' respective and dedicated constitutionalist candidates "at the state level" to vote for, we must depend on awakening enough people to get Ron Paul elected this time around. States rights are not worth much in a corrupt state.
We know as president Ron Paul could not solve everything...but a lot. Our other problem (which also deals with corruption) is that the GOP took over our TEA party movement to try to rebuild their all but dead party (after 8 years of Bush)and then used the poor uneducated patriot's to divert attention away from the Ron Paul message of individual liberty and discredit such thoughts by wheeling the fifth horse and supporting one flavor of the week candidate after the next to keep people from listening to Ron Paul until the only candidates left were Mitt Romney and the guy that they had done their best to marginalize and destroy. We knew all along that the race was only between Ron Paul and Romney, and they did as well. So they worked the media and a lot of fine people who swore they would not support Mitt Romney. Now look at them.
Since 2008 the 'fake' TEA party has managed to garner support for 'fake' TEA party candidates at the state level. Oh...they talked the talk, but look at how they walk. And the true TEA party candidates like Rand were given questionable support from the many faux TEA party organizations at best. So we ended up with a lot of newly corruptible people being elected as TEA party candidates that were hand picked by...you guessed it...the establishment. And their goal now it looks like is to destroy the part of the movement that they can not and do not control, that being us...the LIBERTY movement that started the whole thing.
Which all just goes to show how so many well intentioned people can be so easily mislead and manipulated. That is yet another problem we need to deal with on a serious level. And that is a hard sell when you have some smooth talking con men holding fast to leadership positions in the faux TEA party movement.


Point of Information

Good perspective on the long haul, but something that's very important to remember is we (America) is not a democracy (rule by mob): we are a republic (rule by law).
"What have you given us, sir?"
Benjamin Franklin replied, "A Republic ma'am - if you can keep it."

Truly well said, Trevor, but...

...what I believe you are hearing from some people is the frustration about the immediacy some of us feel with replacing the status quo with the revolutionary face of Ron Paul.

We are $16 Trillion in debt right now. How disgusting will the debt be in another 4 years with the same group out there. What about NDAA? How about all the lives at risk with the warmongers in charge? Some of the immediate concerns we believe need to be addressed now rather than later.

I understand the revolution can wait. Can our nation wait?

distributed power

Well said, Trevor!
This liberty movement is about much more
than one man. Ron Paul has been the standard
bearer, and has shown us the way to restore
this principle of distributed power and limited
government. It DOES start and end at the local
and state level. And the delegate process is one
example. Each of us can do something, and, in my view,
at some point, this movement reaches critical mass
(not a majority, but enough to turn the tide).


This is exactly right

... and needs to be understood by everyone.

Great reality check Trevor. Thank you.


Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

Nice to hear some common sense for a change.

Thanks for this update Trevor!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Thank you Trevor

I best way I have been able to discuss politics with others is to keep calm. Works every time.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016

A revolution is about fighting to the end

If you really believe we are at the edge of the destruction of our country, then you fight to the end and you never give up. That's how you eventually get people to wake up.

Ron Paul talks about civil disobedience. He talks about ghandi and MLK. I see us as doing republican disobedience. What's wrong with disrupting the convention? It's a revolution!!!

Get the national stage and get people to start asking themselves what this revolution is all about. You saw the potential of the Tea Party. Their problem is that they didn't have a leader to focus their efforts and they quickly got morphed back into the establishment. Show the establishment that it won't work on us and we demand real change.

I'm just hoping that Ron Paul has the guts to take this to the end and that he hasn't conceded yet. Unfortunately I think he has and that dries up the last hope I had that we could change the country peacefully.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
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I agree

The Local level is certainly where it starts and we dominate that like a child with ice cream on a hot summer day.

My only concern is Internet Censorship and NDAA. When those go in full force I can not imagine our Revolution going any further even at the Local level. I have a hunch its bipartisan too.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Can agree with half of this message

I agree with what he says about getting involved locally because that's is where a lot of the revolution and the cause we believe in starts. However, I feel like this video is ready to concede defeat. Congressman Paul has not conceded yet and we shouldn't either. We must go down fighting if we have any shot of winning. Besides if Dr. Paul became our President wouldn't it make some things easier to change at the local level? Having Dr. Paul becoming our President would make it easier I think to change some of the attitudes of being a conservative. Sorry Trevor can't entirely agree with your point and please be more encouraging to everyone here to stay behind Congressman Paul! We should not give up yet whether it be the local level or the Presidency!

This video is so WRONG

Ron Paul is the last hope.

2012 is his last chance.

The last hope for a Peaceful Revolution...

...Without him, it gets ugly but it still gets done!!

People need to get the sheep mentality out of their brains. Ron Paul is not our Shepherd!! This is OUR Revolution! It is up to US to be vigilant to catch the Establishment in its dirty tricks! AS WE ARE! The Entire Country's survival does not rest on the shoulders of one man. If you think so, then you've been drinking the Establishment Cool-Aid for too long.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Why We Need Ron Paul to Win Regardless of our Movement

While I agree with this video and the point that the movement is of great importance, I don't agree that Ron Paul supporters shouldn't be fearful or disappointed should Dr. Paul not become president. Here is why I disagree with Trevor's point of view.

Our country is by many accounts and born by facts, falling. Just the economic problems we face are scary, but add in the blatant trampling of our Constitution and the almost daily trashing of our rights, the government's war preparations against Americans and our situation looks dire. I have friends in law enforcement and the military and many of them as well as many aware Americans feel that we are headed towards civil war within a years time. This being said, I believe as do many Ron Paul supporters that Ron Paul must get into office to spear head the thwarting of these incursions and prevent or minimize what is coming to our country. Should Obama or Romney win this upcoming election, we will still be in the same sinking boat we are in now. As we all agree, Ron Paul is the ONLY current candidate that is honest, stands by the Constitution and in my opinion the only candidate that truly embodies what America is supposed to be about. In my opinion, he is the ONLY true American running for the office of president. Voting for Obama or Romney is voting for evil. It is truly Ron Paul or Ron Paul.

If Ron Paul does not get elected, our country will fall. If there were other viable candidates running that embodied Ron Paul's beliefs, honesty and integrity, then I and other supporters would have a warmer and fuzzier feeling. Unfortunately, there aren't any other current candidates that can and will fix this mess and I'll be damned if I vote for evil, nor will I not be frustrated, disappointed or fearful if he isn't elected. Ron Paul can nullify many of the egregious laws, rules and EOs and that in its self can slow the degradation of our great country.

My point, we may not have time for the "movement" to prevent coming events. In the long run, the movement is exactly what will fix the problems we face, but that will take time that we may not have. If we do have several more years before the SHTF, then the movement is the perfect tool to get us back on track. However, I believe Ron Paul supporters are acutely aware that we may not have that much time, hence their fear, frustration and possible disappointment if Ron Paul is not our next president.

My sentiments as well

Surprised the wheels did not fall off long ago, but the wheels are now gone. This dangerous criminal idiocy must end now.

I'd trust nullification if the sheriffs would shut down the TSA thugs from operating criminally within their jurisdiction. ... crickets chirping... effective job of squelching dissent in Texas.

Ron Paul is not in this alone, but how can local rot be dealt with when money and coercion pours in to perpetuate it from the Federal level? Need a Commander in Chief that has our back as much as we have his. It is no longer a hand in our wallet, it is a boot stomping on our face.

1933 Nazi Germany on psychopathic steroids, and I aint voting for the National Socialist Party. Idiots put the whole civilian population on their watch list. Doh!

Liberty. Ron Paul 2012

Groovy, It must start Locally

Groovy, It must start Locally to go National...


Good Video! BUT...

We need ONE qualified individual to be the President. The "Movement" can't be President. So after all that has happened to work with Ron Paul, as that individual we want, to be President...then you have Jesse Benton come out and in TWO emails and some press phone call throw a monkey wrench into the works.

I just dont get it

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17


Very good!

First - Thanks Trevor for all you do. I have been around a long time and I am honored to be associated with the Daily Paul.

I am with you on the state action. We are asking people who have been controlled for a long time to "wake up". It is not easy. Most of my friends use the "but aren't we all one country" stuff. No matter how many examples I use about states moving the nation forward by example, they are still "sheepled" by the MSM.

I have been down the last day or so....wondering if we have a chance for a "moment" at the RNC or if the leftists/corporatists have won. You made me realize that there is more we can do locally. I am not sure, as many posters have indicated, that we have any time left. But, I will put my trust in my fellow humans. Even though they have been brainwashed and drive me nuts. The situation will drive people together - for we really do care about each other.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain


OK, when the federal government gets out of control, that is one thing. The nullification of tax laws is one thing. But the Nullification Crisis directly led to the United States Civil War. Talking about nullification like it is not a last resort is a big mistake. The nullification crisis in South Carolina led to massive secession. Violence is not the answer, Trevor. Ron Paul has brought the ideas to the table, but nullification of federal laws will result in chaos. This is not Ron Paul's message.

It's not frustration, it's fear.

Taking your example of the Youtube quote, "Ron Paul is our savior", you mention that the individual who wrote this does not "understand" the Ron Paul movement. I would argue that he does understand. My interpretation of that quote is, "Ron Paul will save us from the tyranny that rules our country". I understand your argument that this movement is bigger than the individual but you fail to factor in time. Yes, starting out with county, moving on to state and then taking on the federal government is a great plan but how long will it take? People are scared right now. Scared that something terrible will happen soon; an assassination, a devastating false flag, martial law.

I for one am not feeling frustration, I'm scared that the closer I get to liberty the harder the established power will push back. Ron Paul may not be my savior but at this present moment he is the voice of my urgency and my anxiety.

I understand what you are saying, I just don't know how long we have until the establishment's hammer is dropped.

Unfortunately, another breeze of hot air... another blog ad...

The campaign is reaching it's climax, not finished. This speech was released by mistake, three months too early.

Would prefer instead President elect Paul's numerous and excellent writings, without doubt possessing far more wisdom on the same subjects!

I wholeheartly agree with Trevor Lyman

Those supporters who fear that Ron Paul is our last hope are mistaken. The movement he started is bigger than him. That's what makes Ron Paul so great, because its not about him saving us, it's about us fighting for our liberties with the truth he has given us. Winning the states is the best way to push back against the encroaching federal government. There is no way the Good Doctor as president can single-handedly cleanse the Federal government of corruption--there isn't an enema in the whole universe big enough!

As Trevor mentioned, to depend on Ron Paul to save this country by becoming president would be a form of political welfare--something the Good Doctor would never espouse. Those who nitpick or criticize Ron Paul's campaign strategy or missteps in his run for the presidency have little idea the amount of effort he had to sustain single-handy to get this far. David only had one Goliath to fight--Ron Paul took on entire freaking Federal government, the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, AND the GOP. Think anyone else could do better? I wont not.

I doubt any of us--especially those playing armchair quarterbacks----could've been as consistent and patent of fighting a lonely battle in obscurity for as long as he has, just to get to this point. Or resist the ongoing temptation to compromise and sell out. We are an impatient generation, expecting fast-food results. Ron Paul is what he is, and win lose or draw, he made a difference in my life and my children. My children and your children will win back the liberties, one delegate, one state at a time.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

Another OBITUARY WRITER misses the point

Just like Jack Hunter, the guy on LRC, and countless others in the forums, Lyman gives a nice retrospective "OBITUARY" of the campaign.

Personally, I am PISSED OFF because the RP campaign QUIT TOO DAMN EARLY, thus initiating all these F'N' OBITUARIES in mid-May instead of F'N' AUGUST!!! I would be OK with this video had it come out in F'N' AUGUST after we went to the convention and gave 100%, but right now in the final lap of a long race it is just a pointless kick in the balls.

Personally, I want to see RP delegates go to Tampa with pitchforks and torches, vote for RP on the 1st ballot (even those "bound" to Romney), and burn that sh!t down. Interupt ALL the establishment speeches with LOUD BOOS. A good speech slot for Dr Paul or some toothless promise of support for Rand don't amount to sh!t if that's all they got for quitting early. In so many different ways we've been ripped off for too long by our "betters" in the DC establishment; at this point I am ready to SCORCH THE DAMN EARTH.

I agree except that ...

..it is better that it happened now so that the grassroots can organize. In August, like a bride (groom) at the church waiting for the no show groom there are no options. In 2008 supporters were kept dangling up to the convention.

Now, there are at least some possibilities if the campaign naysayers who want to fold the tents can be held at bay. The worst outcome is for delegates to go to Tampa and sit on their hands as some seem to propose.

If delegates can get their act together under a unified banner like 'No One But Ron Paul!' we can still make lemonade out of these lemons handed to us.

Nothing wrong with getting angry

Just channel that anger in the right direction.

Has Ron Paul won the nomination?

Studying Ron Paul over the past few years, he is definitely a man focused on the United States, American history, and of course the US Constitution. On May 14th Dr. Paul announced that he is no longer actively campaigning in upcoming primaries, but he isn't exiting the presidential race. I don't think the date chosen to make the announcement was circumstantial. I believe it was deliberate. Looking back at key events that occurred in the United States on May 14th, one quickly finds two big events. In 1607, Jamestown VA is settled as an English Colony. In essence, America is born. In 1787, in Philadelphia, PA, delegates convened a Constitutional Convention to write a new Constitution for the United States; George Washington presides. In essence, America is reborn. And on May 14th, 2012, Dr. Paul had locked up the GOP Nomination by having enough Delegates to win in Tampa. In essence, America rises. Could this be? Am I overly optimistic, and looking into this date with too much emphasis?

If you reread what Dr. Paul wrote on Monday, and MadLib in "because we own Tampa and we've locked up the nomination" everything else falls into place. Promise of a peaceful convention; well of course, all Ron Paul supporters will be there, so what unrest will result from that? No longer campaigning in upcoming primaries; well of course, Ron Paul has the nomination in the bag, why unnecessarily spend money, its wasteful spending, something Dr. Paul preaches against.

I realize its a long shot, but I hope I'm right. Good luck everyone. Tampa is going to be interesting.

RP 2012!

Highly Likely. Why waste

Highly Likely. Why waste energy on something that's already been won. Since Flipflop Romney's delegates numbers is not improving or creating the illusion of bagging the presumptive nominee the more this drags the more the American people wakes up to the message of Liberty and Ron Paul despite the MSM Blackout. Perhaps the Ron Paul campaign has already have the numbers up on it's sleeve. Can't wait for TAMPA. Ron Paul 2012 !

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Distributed Power......

Power should be distributed. But....

The States cannot STOP THE WARS!
The States cannot STOP THE DRONES!
The States cannot STOP THE TORTURE!

We need Ron Paul to do those things.

And if we fail to take over Tampa....then these things will simply never be stopped.

The Ron Paul campaign, yourself, TheDailyPaul, and Ron Paul himself should all be encouraging and emploring all the Delegates to abstain their vote, and to prevent a first-ballot Mitt Romney nomination. This is not a point to retreat from as a matter of Strategy. It is unnegotiatable.

That's the problem here.

There can be no messages about "quiet and respect", or accepting defeat gracefully, or pretending that outright theft and fraud were not involved in Romney's case, and therefore it should rightfully disqualify him.

This is about winning here, and it is about winning NOW!

For in a couple of more years, it may be impossible to win and The Internet itself may no longer even support full, free expression.

The time is now folks...

I disagree

It is not Ron Paul who must do those things.

It is you.
It is me.
It is us.

Michael Nystrom's picture

It is not true

If 50 of the 50 states were against the war? Would it still be going on? If our senators were chosen from our State Legislatures and that was so, would the wars be still going on?

He's the man.


Public support for the Afghanistan War has been only 30%, so it matters little if the same holds when broken down by Individual States. The White House and the International powers will do whatever they wish to do in matters of War, War Crimes, and Worldwide Violence.

State Legislators are corrupt, and also bribed by predatory Corporate Influences so their judgement is also suspect.

What Ron Paul represented (to me) was finally an uncompromising executive that would use the unique power of that office to terminate the Warfare State and the Police State.

If he doesn't win, and win now, then these things simply will not ever happen. The States simply have no power over the Pentagon, the CIA, the White House, the CFR, and the International Bankers.

On the contrary, the States are infested with Federal plants from the CIA, Homeland Security, etc. (along with some of the local police), so that they fall in line with "the agenda".

In fact, Israel has more control over our Government's policy than individual States do.

You left out the power of the

You left out the power of the government within our government. The Council on Foreign Relations.

Bob Marshall


I did have a reference to "CFR" (The Council on Foreign Relations) in my previous post above, and yes they are one of the major drivers of World Empire policies, and influence over the elected government.

You are absolutely, 100%

You are absolutely, 100% correct....if we fail to put RP in the White House ...this time....right now...this election....the blow-back and retribution from establishment will be so great...eventually...it will be more than the people can stand....and they WILL revolt....

...and then the government, and all of our local police forces, will get a chance to try out all of that new riot gear, armored vehicles and "terrorist" training they have been just itching to use.

If Ron Paul doesn't Win???

I know if all is fair Ron Paul would have Already won hands down. He is by far ten times as popular as Romney. What I see is the blatant disregard for rules, regulations, and simple common-sense fairness in these recent conventions. This is escalating almost daily, and by the time Nominations roll around, and since it will be televised, there's a chance Ron Paul can win, again because millions are watching. But even then the tv commentary could be that it's Ron Paul supporters who are breaking rules, and police will be ready to arrest.
If Ron Paul does win the nomination, he won't win against Obama because the votes won't be counted, but it will just be assumed that Obama wins because that is the pre-determined conclusion. In the last election the votes were not even counted, as you can see on a youtube video that just as votes were starting to come in, the media said Obama won.
That will happen again. Yeah, we certainly will have civil war.
But are we talking about preparation of civil war? NO, and why the hell not? Do you think you can buy a gun next year?
All Constitution supporters should be already armed for what seems inevitable. There is an end game, and Ron Paul does not fit into the picture, but his educating the masses will go a long way to our winning the coming Revolution.

user revoltbeginsnow has no fourm posts and

his comment on this post is his first...yet it shows he has been a member for 19 weeks. Interesting.

This Moment Is Critical

I've never needed to post here, except for now as the moment is critical.

Ron Paul holds the fate of the peaceful version of the 2nd American revolution in his hands.

If he rallies his troops right now and supports us as we smash through the establishments illusory pillars of power, WE WILL WIN. There is no "decorum" for traitors neck deep in treason, murder and theft beyond comprehension.

If he decides to bail out now, this nation will descend into blood and guts on every street corner in short order. We have our chance now. Business as usual is over.

Give me liberty of give me death.

stealth up-voter perhaps? u

stealth up-voter perhaps? u gotta reg to click that little +/-

I agree, but...

... the federal government is overriding a lot of what should be state issues. Distributed power is the goal, but having someone with that vision in the top levels of the federal government that is not corruptible sure would help to get back to a states as the only rightful legislators other than amendments to the constitution practice, which would be amazing. I think that the people that are fighting so hard agree with you and see the quickest and easiest path to be electing Ron Paul president.

And for all of you that scratched your head when Trevor started talking about distributed power being the point, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." The founders knew this and thus tried to limit the powers of both the federal and state governments with strict constitutions. Even on abortion, Dr. Paul would not override the states.

Regardless of who wins the nomination...

we have a real chance to make inroads into local government. Wins are more frequent than at the national level and the lag time between effort and result is not so long so that, in one sense, we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor sooner. And to top it off, we can always get help if needed from our fellow patriots on the DP so that we are never alone, even when we go local.

So in our fight to get Dr. Paul elected, we should always try to capitalize on supporter growth in each state and turn them towards local politics. In this way we keep "the campaign" alive until the next election, turning new "paper supporters" into "gold and silver" activists and elected officials.

To put it another way, we may not be able to immediately take the helm to direct the ship, but from the lower decks, we can do all sorts of things to slow down the encroachment of our liberties and improve our chances at having a fairer process in the next election.

Big item on the agenda:
- Get rid of electronic voting wherever we can, systemetize how we do it, and reproduce those results in other areas of the country. If the establishment can do this to take away our freedoms, we can do it to get them back.

That is wishful

That is wishful thinking...without Ron Paul to put those pit-bulls back on their leashes and then hold them at bay until we can get things turned around....we are sunk ....we.......nor this country will survive another 4 years of what is going on right now....and it WILL get worse.....the noose is so tight now, our eyes are bulging and our tongues are turning purple....geeeezzz...I thought we were all supposed to be awake.....?????

It's not either or. Both approaches must go together.

I wasn't commenting on the current controversy or whether or not the recent comments from the campaign were wise. Do you think the success of this campaign started this election cycle? Much of the groundwork was laid between elections at the local level. If Dr. Paul does make it to the white house, he will need our help more than ever at all levels because congress will seek to block him at every turn and the media will get even worse.

Ron Paul

has been saying this for years! He tells people who go to him for advice on how they can help the cause that they should do whatever they think is best. He's been telling us that this is our movement! Unfortunately it falls on deaf ears in many cases because some are so fanatical about Ron. We need to listen to the man and carry this forward and we will change the world.

I disagree. I get what Lyman is saying but its incorrect.

"You dont understand this movement", or "Thats not what this movement is all about" is wrong in my eyes. If I've learned ONE THING from Ron Paul's speeches during this movement. In his own words, he says its an individuals movement. Were all different and we all have different reasons/motives of why were in this. We all have different interpretations of the movement and what it means to us. So Trevor, this isnt a shit on you. But you as an individual have no right to tell me what this is about when you dont know why I am in it.

Your strategy might be, lets go to the states and make an impact there.. That to me sounds great. But I want to make a bigger impact. I want our Ron Paul delegates that are bound to Romney to stand up and say "NO MORE. WE ARE VOTING FOR RON PAUL." and get kicked out or silenced, whatever. The point is is that itll get the message out and we will be standing up for what we believe in. Not what a rule book from a private organization says we believe in. Thats what I want. Ron Paul CAN WIN. If he doesnt. Then yes, I move on and look forward. But UNTIL then, dont make these videos trying to tell us what we should do instead. Lets do whats in front of us now. Win the nominee.

If the MSM wasnt part of the conglomerate billion dollar companies and reported the news fairly and correct. We wouldnt be having this conversation and more people would follow Ron Paul because they would understand him and know that we are getting a bad future right now.

Get Real Lyman

Ron Paul is America's last hope, get that straight. The country has a year or two left before descending into a totalitarian fascist (or communist, no difference really) state. The New World Order is real, the conspiracy is real, and no amount of "compromise" is going to change that.

This is no time to "support the lesser of two evils" that despicable Zionist and banker-puppet voMitt Romney.

Ron Paul had better rally his troops or he'll be relegated to sell-out status.



I keep hearing this again and

I keep hearing this again and again. Same thing in 2008. If we don't win now, the country is done for. If you want to be a defeatist, that's fine, but I know plenty of people who are willing to keep up the fight into the next couple of elections. This year will be close, but 2016 is a sure bet!