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GOP ignores voting process, proceeds with own agenda


Kimberly Loomis May 16th, 2012, Hartford, CT- In a race meant to represent the interests of the majority of primary and caucus participants, the GOP establishment has done little else but show who they would prefer to represent them on the national stage against Obama in November. Let’s look to the Nevada caucuses in February. According to state rules the winner of the caucus receives the majority of the delegates’ votes in the first round at the Republican National Convention. In prime time coverage, Romney was named the clear victor while polling was still in progress in the most populated county in the state.

One might consider this to be an anomaly, even after the Iowa caucuses devolved into a botched mess, but a nearly identical situation occurred in Maine. Months after the state party representatives were discovered reporting results before the totals were counted to declare Romney the clear winner; Paul was awarded 21 of the 24 delegates. The Republican National Committee then threatened to not seat said delegates as a result of a Romney supporter’s assertion that Maine did not adhere to its own rules as well as those in Nevada.

Ben Swann from Cincinatti’s Fox covers the subject nicely:

(please see link for videos)

Voter fraud in Maine?

Ben Swann: Maine Releasing ‘Corrected’ Caucus Numbers – 2/16/2012

(please see link for videos)

This has all coalesced in the unknown results of the Arizona State Convention and an announcement from Dr. Paul’s campaign:

“Our campaign will continue to work in the state convention process. We will continue to take leadership positions, win delegates, and carry a strong message to the Republican National Convention that Liberty is the way of the future.”

Which is a far cry different from the headline the Washington Times boasts.

Despite the mainstream media’s reporting it seems as though Maine and Nevada managed to give Paul an ultimate win only for each state to be threatened with not being heard at the RNC. Is the GOP really so set on a Goldman Sachs and Lehman Bros funded Romney that it refuses to follow its own processes? Do the individuals who voted in primaries and caucuses really get a say after all or is the Republic dead? At best, given the ethically questionable behavior of the elites in the party it is difficult to know which candidate the people truly want to represent them and whether or not they got who they him.

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Re: OK, AZ

I read that OK is challenging the CONV. results. I have heard conflicting counts on AZ. Some say 0-3 dels in AZ some say 9-11... Not sure all I knows it AZ was a winner take all state however, they moved primary date and were in violation RNC rules. SO 59 DEL slots became 29. When the primary was moved it also made AZ proportional allocation because they held the primary before April 1 and did it on March 6th. Other than that I haven't actually found any real hard counts.

My question is this... Florida was also in violation and lost half of their delegates to this same rule. But they allocated all the Slots to Mittens. I say these states need to be challenged...


May Not Matter

I explain how we may have a bigger problem. http://www.dailypaul.com/234414/ban-gop-shadow-party-organiz...

Anyone heard about the

results from Ok and AZ yet?