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Martial Law coming to Chicago during NATO summit

From the Guardian:

Protesters will gather at the Nato summit in Chicago, while demonstrations are also planned close to the G8 summit

"...Much of the cat-and-mouse game will be technological, with people in the streets wielding smartphones to coordinate actions and publicize what's happening, while law enforcement mulls whether to take the power of those phones away—disrupting service in the name of public safety," writes reporter Tony Dokoupil.

While the tactic is usually associated with digital dictators abroad—and the Obama administration has sharply criticized such interruptions, even proposing sanctions against countries that curb their peoples' wireless freedom—shutdowns are a creeping American phenomenon as well.

Often a perfectly legal one.

Not only do the FBI and Secret Service have standing authority to jam signals, but they along with state and local authorities can also push for the shutdown of cell towers, thanks to a little-known legacy of the Bush administration: "Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 303," which lays out the nation's official "Emergency Wireless Protocols."

SOP 303 gives "state homeland security advisors" the power to call for the "the termination of private wireless network connections… within an entire metropolitan area", the Daily Beast reports..."


Surveillance Drone Spotted Near Chicago - For NATO Summit?


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Why is this in the RP2012

Why is this in the RP2012 forum?