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The plan all along was to awaken the idea of liberty in people.

Empower people to first change themselves, thereby empowering them to change the course of America and the world.

The stage is currently the 2012 republican primary. In 4 months, the stage will be different, whatever the "outcome" of the current stage.

Whenever I hear Ron Paul say "we are winning" and then read threads here on DP and articles elsewhere saying otherwise or outright laughing at him -- I chuckle to myself. Silly rabbits, they assume that Ron Paul's canvas consists solely of the current stage and nothing else.

The Liberty party proper hasn't fully digested what Ron Paul has done and is currently doing; heck, I am still digesting it. For sure, they see the light that has pierced the darkness, but I don't think we will see the fruits for a little while longer.

Across the spectrum, too many people are still in shock and disbelief.

Ron Paul's perspective has always been well beyond the horizon of the narrow combative cycles that have been driven into society today -- he makes those statements because he is seeing the bigger picture; we *are* taking back our country. The GOP has already been forever altered. We will find out soon enough how the Democratic party has been affected.

I am impatient. I want Ron Paul as president right now. But when I look at myself hard, I realize that I have fallen yet again for that all too familiar fallacy, that someone else will save me -- all I must do is vote for him and trust he will do what is right.


I really have been forever changed -- I realize I must do more. I must do what others all around me have done and take action. I must save myself. And by my actions, I will help those around me, and together, we will continue to grow and we will save this country.

Each person must throw off the well-worn expectations that the results we are seeking look anything like the two party tug-of-war game we know. We have become accustomed to approaching politics in the same manner that we approach sports. This must change. We can no longer afford to be the spectators.

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Well written and thanks for

Well written and thanks for this post. I agree wholeheartedly.

I am not laughing at Ron

I am not laughing at Ron Paul. I am laughing at you. Ron Paul says "WE are winning" He is not saying I am winning" because he knows that he is not winning the nomination, but that he is winning enough delegates to have influence in OTHER areas.

And THAT was his goal all along. He knew all along that being president was virtually impossible. But he is smart, unlike you, and therefore set REALISTIC goals for his campaign.