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Next Phase of the Ron Paul Revolution - an inspiring vision

Take a look at this essay from Paul supporter Jason Cockrell that I included in today's article. I was inspired. You might be too.

"The first step is to understand how societies change in the long term. Major philosophical revolutions do not occur in the span of one election cycle, a fact Dr. Paul himself has stressed repeatedly. Real freedom will come slowly, but it will come.

The news media give a lot of attention to the highest class of political influence, the figureheads, and the lowest class of political influence, the general voters. In between, though, is something quite interesting. Who are the MIDDLE class in politics? They are as follows: Academic professors, small business owners, authors, columnists, local politicians, event organizers, major bloggers, managers, pastors, etc. These people are extremely important, because they ultimately decide where the country is headed. In particular, they decide which ideas, stemming from the figureheads, will actually filter down to the masses. A person like Barack Obama or Ron Paul can put out all sorts of ideas. The middle class will decide whether they accept or reject those ideas, and the middle class will pass them on to the general public. So it is among the middle class that debates are really won or lost."

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