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Vote For Paul On 1st Ballot, Don't Abstain!

On August 27, many of you reading this and 100's, even thousands more will make a decision to nominate the GOP representative for President.

I have seen many posters screaming from the mountains that abstaining is the way to go. There are two problems with this:
1. You may be replaced by an alternate of GOP choice if you abstain
2. While we all look at 1144 as the number for delegates needed to win, that is not completely true. In truth, a candidate needs only 51% of CAST votes to win. So if 900 Paul supporters abstain, then that 51% becomes much easier for Romney to attain.

Here is what you MUST do:

This campaign is about the movement, much more than the man himself - always has been, always will be.

You the delegates MUST vote on the 1st ballot, and you MUST vote for Ron Paul! There is no such thing as state bound delegates. Yes, we know about the possibilities of rule 38 and rule 11.But there is more than just those glimmers of hope.

Several supreme Court rulings from as far back as 1980 have ALREADY ESTABLISHED PRECEDENT for saying that delegates to a National convention are NOT bound by their states rules.

In fact, the rulings say that any attempts to discipline a delegate for going against their state "rules" is a violation of the 1st Amendment. This is from the United States Supreme Court, and is undoubtedly the foundation behind the why of the release made by RNC lawyers in 2008 regarding the Utah delegate.

Folks. Do the right thing. VOTE FOR RON PAUL on August 27 and force the RNC to make a decision on NATIONAL TELEVISION!.

Best case? We win. Worst case? We go down exposing the Establishment with an uppercut to the balls!

This is not hard folks. Voting is the way to go.

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Not to mention.....

Jennifer Sheehan, legal council for the National RNC in 2008, explicitly stated that no delegate from any state is "bound" to vote for anyone he or she is not inclined to vote for. He or she may vote for anyone he or she pleases, even an individual who is not on the election ballot. Each delegate may cast the vote of his or her conscience. Each delegate is essentially a "Free Agent". By the way, nice thread. Thankyou for conveying that information. It will come to pass, this action per the Ron Paul delegates will get Dr. Paul the nomination, barring cheating and trickery from the Romney Camp. Unfortunately, they (Romney and his supporters) have become desperate and have the potential to engage in anything and everything Dr. Paul would never be an active participant of.

Either way you will be

Either way you will be replaced.

But sure..feel free to think you know more about the rules than Ron Paul himself does if it makes you feel any better.

Ron Paul will NOT accept a nomination if it is done in a way that guarantees him a humiliating loss in November

Thanks for the info

I will tell other RP supporters just in case they are delegates! I had no idea it was only a majority of cast votes. Accurate or not, this is now a caution we should take just in case. If anyone knows a stealth delegate, tell them about this!

Riddle me this folks

For those of you who believe that all delegates in all States are unbound --- WHAT THEN WAS THE POINT OF FOCUSING ON CAUCUS STATES?


The reason Paul focused on the caucus States from the beginning was because THOSE delegates ARE unbound, and so we could take delegate positions and have our delegates vote Paul - REGARDLESS OF THE POPULAR VOTE.

Couldn't we have done the same thing in big primary States if the delegates there are also unbound?


But we didn't. Hmm, why? We didn't focus on big primaries States like Florida precisely because delegates there ARE BOUND by the popular vote, and we could not compete in the popular vote.

...Do you understand?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


Anybody know why euphemisms become cliche? Because they are true.

Leave it all on the field.
No regrets.
I took my best shot and lost(won).
There are no moral victories.
Second place is just the 1st loser!
We beat ourselves.

I already regret having not come over to Dr Paul before December 2011. I may have been able to get myself into a delegation in Indiana.

Please don't go to Tampa and not expend all of your bullets. This is your only chance to show the world that you will not compromise with the filthy liars that try to bully you!

Read up


Everyone should read this. Delegate or not.

This is the original thread where

the author posted this in-depth 34 page analysis that chris linked to. It is worth consideration.


Chris a one weeker how did you get so smart

and why are all others afraid of voting on the first round.

Okay lets say the Nevada delegation abstains on the first round, the RNC chair will know before hand. If they see they can't get the votes on the fist round it is up to the chair whether to skip over Nevada on the first round. On the second round Nevada will still be bound to Romney because Nevada has not voted for the first time yet. This can go one indefinitely if need be to keep delegates tied up. The Nevada delegation started this and now they will have to continue with no way out.

So stand up to the establishment from the get go, and there will be no funny business.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

For people who want to remain in chair positions and

want to stay involved in the GOP and take over run for offices, go by rules.
All others, GO FOR IT!

Chris has only been on Daily

Chris has only been on Daily Paul for just over a week. I think you guys are making a mistake by voting on the first round. RNC rule 37e says they'll pretty much consider the convention a no-go if chaos breaks out and will vote right out for president and vice-president. I'm sure the mainstream media would hate losing airtime but it shines a bad light on Ron Paul delegates. Look what happened in Oklahoma. I think the GOP is using 37e as a blueprint to stop conventions from being conducted civilly. Please be respectful and use decorum. Especially videotape!

Who cares how long someone

Who cares how long someone has been on the dailypaul. That is a straw man argument.

You can say what you want

but when you vote for Romney on the firt ballot and lose, you'll wish you hadn't.

Here is your choice:

Vote for Romney and lose.

Vote for Paul AND MAYBE WIN!

Not very difficult is it

Yeah, I would be careful of

Yeah, I would be careful of taking any advise here, from brand new accounts, if you do not know the source or how accurate it is. Get in touch with campaign if in doubt.



Why abstain when you can vote for Ron Paul?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I Also Agree

Vote for Ron Paul!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Change Your Post Title To Be Less Confusing/Negative Please

ho about 'Vote For Paul On 1st Ballot, Don't Abstain!'

Go to the Source for the National Rules Don't take someone's

-word on it. That goes for RNC Rulings too.
Submitted by -O.O- on Wed, 05/16/2012 - 16:35. Permalink

A National Delegate upholding any State Rule that they aren't bound to under the national rules would be a courtesy to the RNC back home & we all remember how courteous they were to us. There's a time for courtesies & then there's our ONLY OPPORTUNITY in the last 50 years to undo the damage to our Liberties and monetary system.
Constitutional Liberty First, ie, getting Ron Paul nominated by whatever legal means necessary, even if it pisses off the state RNC lap-yappers. We may never get another chance. The stakes are too high to worry about feigned hurt feelings from the Bankster supporters and hypocritical accusations of hijacking and 'unethical' from the same. There is nothing unethical about following the letter of the Rules.
You Delegates already heading to the National Convention, start now studying & memorizing the National Convention Rules and especially, appealed decisions governing those Rules.
Think like your enemy! Be Prepared for their shenanigans. Find the loopholes YOU would try to use if you were them & formulate winning strategies & have Rulings ready to combat it. You won't have time to look stuff up on the fly or wait for an answer from someone who knows once you are at the convention. It will be a less stressful, more enjoyable convention for you if you're prepared to expect the unexpected & handily thwart it.
Sorry, this was posted under another Topic, but it really belongs here.

Galatians 5:1
It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

It is hte wrong move for a

It is hte wrong move for a simple reason. They know the rules more than you do. By most people's own admission, they were not into politics at all until a few months ago. And NO ONE here had ever heard of Rule 38 or Rule 11 until a couple weeks ago. So this notion that there aren't plenty of rules that could be used to combat attempts to abstain is ludicrously delusional.

And a REPLACED delegate has zero power. Not for the presidential nomination, and also not for ANY votes. If you are replaced, you are replaced for ALL votes. You will have spent all that money to go to Tampa for absolutely nothing.

This is PRECISELY why Ron Paul has been issuing the statements that he has lately. (And yes...Ron Paul endorsed EVERY SINGLE WORD of Benton's e-mails.) Ron Paul is horrified at what he knows will happen. He sees his idiot supporters about to undo EVERY gain that he worked so hard to achieve over the last 5 years. The delegate strategy has worked to get real voting power at hte convention...just not for the nomination. But if his supporters think they know more about the process than he himself does, then they will have ZERO voting power.

Again...it is a little disturbing that so many people here all consider Ron Paul incompetent. You think that he has ZERO control over his own staff. And when one of his staff goes rogue, that he is too incompetent to step up and IMMEDIATELY issue a statement that refutes what was said in his name.

That is what you all think. And there is NO other explanation for why this would happen if Ron Paul didn't agree with it other than him being incompetent.

Now me...I don't think he is incompetent. I think he is just FAR more intelligent than everyone here. And that he knows more about the rules then everyone here COMBINED and knows that while he put up a good fight, he came up short in getting nominated. (Or will come up short after Texas and especially after June 5th with California and New Jersey.) He KNOWS the delegate are bound. He KNOWS Ben Swann is a fucking idiot. He KNOWS websites like therealdelegatecount are just trolling for pageviews by telling Ron Paul supporters what they want to hear, no matter how inaccurate, just so you will spam it on your facebook pages, or twitter, or message boards, etc.

But he ALSO knows that he doesn't HAVE to be nominated to achieve what he set out to achieve. Because HE knows that this was never about one man.

Wow Mr. 2 hours

you've been real busy posting 10 negative comments in 2 hours.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed


If you abstain, they will cast your vote as you were bound to cast it. You will have achieved nothing other than getting yourself barred from future votes.

AND, the same is true if you vote Paul when you are bound to another candidate. They will cast your vote for the candidate you are bound to, and bar you from future votes.

Anyone who either abstains or ignores the fact that they are bound to another candidate, will be UTTERLY WASTING all the effort everyone has put into getting delegates to the Convention in the first place. You MUST obey the rules, so that you can vote for 1) the VP, 2) the platform, and most importantly 3) the party rules (which we want to change to help our candidates in the future).

If you go Rambo and abstain or ignore your binding, you will RUIN that effort. DO NOT DO IT.

Delegates ARE BOUND.

Rule 38 does not say delegates are unbound, nor does the letter from the RNC attorney - it was taken out of context. Romney's bound delegates are not going to be unbound because of violations of rule 11.

Delegates, I implore you, just THINK. Reality is not want you want it to be, it's just reality.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Don't you have some Romney boots

to lick somewhere?

Mindless drone....


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Wrong on the "51% of CAST votes"

"(d) When at the close of a roll call any
candidate for nomination for President of the United
States or Vice President of the United States has
received a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the
convention, the chairman of the convention shall
declare that the candidate has been nominated."

RNC Rule 40 (d)


Thanks for making the point

What do you think constitutes a majority of the vote? Yep, something more than 50%.

1144 is only important if EVERYONE FRIGGIN votes!

Guess how many delegates will be at the convention? Anyone? Beuhler?

Hint: Take 1144 and double it, minus 2. Yep, 2286. Now if 900 abstain, that means 1386 votes were cast. Guess how many it takes to win? 694

Since all of Paul's supporters abstained....guess how many votes he gets? ZERO.

Stop being morons. Vote for Paul.

The posts here telling you that you cannot vote for Paul are lying to you.

They are here trying to spread disinformation. You think Romney's people don't know what the Daily Paul is? You know they do.

Vote your conscience! You only get ONE CHANCE!


sorry, that's just not correct.

What is needed for the nomination is a majority of the votes ENTITLED TO BE CAST in the convention.

Also, the total number of delegates is 1143 * 2 = 2286 ...

As you said: "Anyone? Bueller?"

Yes I was about to say the

Yes I was about to say the same thing. the key here is "votes entitled to be cast"

1144 is exactly what number is needed to clinch the nomination

even the MSM knows this

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

tamtamfreedom's picture

Explain please...

what exactly is the roll call? Does that mean they just say present and then the chairman can go ahead and call it without a vote.

the state delegation responds

the state delegation responds to the roll call by announcing the vote tally for that state

look for some videos on youtube on the RNC convention

Heh heh...

..."I have seen many posters 'creaming' from the mountains"... I lol'd.