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Fire Jesse Benton

Sorry too much has happened to continue with him. Better yet, don't fire him take him out back and HORSE WHIP him.

I think what happened is this. Paul is a conservative person. When he saw the BOOS for Romney's kid, he thought things had gotten out of hand. So he told jesse he needs to call for supporters to be respectful.

Jesse... began talking out of his pie-hole and didn't shut up. Even IF THERE WAS discussion with ROMNEY on concessions he never should have mentioned it. It sounds like he was trying to make it up as he went along and failed the think and chew bubble gum test.

What does it mean? It means its time for OPERATION POSSUM. Yep its over. We should all start giving interviews saying ITS OVER and WHAT CONCESSIONS we think will make sense. At the same time, fight like hell for the delegates.

Sort of like at WACO "Come out and Give up. You won't be harmed" (machine gun fire at women and children)

It's Operation Possum time. But with a TWIST. We still have to win California. One way or another. So Paul HAS to get his BUTT BACK to california when the time is right and just days before the convention declare "I'm NOT GIVING UP! I'm HERE TO FIGHT"

But only after all the other conventions have been held

Support for Romney is very tacit. They will stay home thinking it's over. Operation Possum. It's time to use Benton's idiocy to our advantage.

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... but I'm voting you down. I think it is already clear that the DP crowd are not enamored with JB, but let's move on. Let's focus on the positives and leave the bickering for another day, or better still, never:

Tomorrow is a money bomb - absolutely critical.

Friday, Dr. Paul will be campaigning in Minnesota.

Over the weekend, MSM will have to make sense out of another huge money bomb from the Paul supporters and a stump speech by Dr. Paul on the campaign trial.

By August Romney is damaged goods. Cometh the hour, cometh the man: Ron Paul gets the nomination with an overwhelming vote from delegates as they forsake the closeted Democrat, flip-flopper, big government proponent and architect of Oabamacare. The Romney balloon is fast deflating. Let's keep Dr. Paul in the race.

Forget about JB. Focus on the big picture.

Plano TX