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Kentucky Who is going to the state convention on June 9?

I sadly missed the district convention for my area. I would love to go to the state convention, however, it is located in Somerset, KY.

I live in Louisville and would love to carpool with somebody (or a group)

Let's get together and win Paul some delegates!

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Contact me on facebook

Add me on facebook so I can add you to the group going to the convention:

Hi hyperfriend, Are you a

Hi hyperfriend,

Are you a delegate/alternate? I'm an alternate delegate heading to Somerset from Louisville.

I live in E-town

and I would love to go if I can get someone to watch the kids since my husband will be gone that weekend! I might be able to drop them off with family in Lexington on the way. Here is my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kristi.alvey so you can see that I'm not some creepy weirdo :)