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Is NBC About to Go Bankrupt?

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they probably were over a decade ago...

...the way these guys print money, buy up each other under different umbrellas and cook-the-books; everybody is under water ... it's a HOAX ...

The whole world is run on credit; whomever is allowed to be open for business anywhere in the world is controlled by the central banks/puppet politicians.


if only Faux News would go the way of NBC.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Just the national stations

We don't want to lose Ben Swann!

TV Networks

In my television watching lifetime, I've seen over and over again that "number 3" tries harder, or number 4...

Ratings would usually go to the risk-taking network. The one that decides they have nothing to lose...

NBC: you missed the story of the past 5 years. You could have had drama and excitement, wins and losses, real news, something for your viewers to root for...

Meanwhile, like Winchells, Baskin Robbins, and Sears, you just sit there until you're made obsolete by Starbucks, the corner yogurt shop, and Amazon.

Learn from history. It saves a lot of pain.

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Sony is My Favorite Example

In 5 years people will say the same for Sony - only it will be the most ironic since they had the product developed in house - but deciced not to go for it. (iPod / iPad / etc)

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The sooner NBC goes, the better,.....

but I want CNN to go first.
What a miserable station that is.

Read more: http://www.benzinga.com/news/12/05/2593562/is-nbc-about-to-g...

Not sure what you are implying...

Are you referring to NBC as a "witch" because they are a mainstream source for news? This article doesn't specifically mention any of that network's news programs being canceled or suffering poor ratings. Are you saying you would like the idea of all NBC programming to cease completely?

More proof that God exists.

I'm a believer!

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

You hear that?

It's the sound of the world's smallest violin playing.

I have no sympathy for the mainstream networks who have worked to dumb down American society. They can crash and burn for all I care. They will be replaced, hopefully by quality programming.

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And I thought you were

And I thought you were rolling a booger...

Very weil said! Hopefully

Very weil said!

Hopefully they will be replaced by RT or Al Jazeera.


Well said!