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Whatever happened to Jesse Ventura?

Whatever happened to Jesse Ventura? He has been unseen and unheard for some time now.

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WELL, I.m Glad You Asked.






Published on Mar 5, 2012 by malakh1960exposed

He should NOT be within the choices for V.P..

He would do a good job as perhaps 'Secretary Of Defense'. He is not good at being a leader (his tenure as governor of Minnesota was not very good), but he is a great person to be GIVEN a responsibility and carry it out, and his experience as a member of the USN, combined with his PATRIOTISM, would make a good combination of REAL skills to carry out the orders of his Commander-In-Chief.

To each their own, to each their opportunity to maximise their true skills and abilities.


thanks, watching these now =)

thanks, watching these now =)

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IMO, Jesse is a tool for TPTB

IMO, Jesse is a tool for TPTB

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr


You are incorrect in your assesments.

He might have dreams of granduer (a natural temptation), but his heart and mind and body and SOUL are those of a PATRIOT.

I could never see to vote for him as 'president', but I would trust him to guard my children or livestock (OR, my NATION, from ALL enemies, both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC), if he was given that responsibility.

Opinions are like ANUSES.
Everyone has one, and they ALL smell like SH*T.

BACK to the CIA-funded and controlled FACEBOOK, is your best course of action.
Have 'they' patented the acronym 'GTFOOH', yet?



Jesse Ventura -- what he's up to

I'm virtually certain he has a new book coming out, so no, he hasn't disappeared.

Laying Low

I don't blame Jesse for laying low. Being who he is, what he has said, and what he has went through during his life, he knows when a hit might be coming his way for one reason or another.

So, play it cool, set up your perimeter, stock up your food supplies, surf, enjoy life, then join the fight when it starts to really come down.

He'd rather party in Mexico than be a patriot!

Rather harsh, but the truth!

The Winds of Change!


I'd rather be partying in Mexico (or wherever), and SO WOULD YOU.

Instead, you are HERE, posting non-sequitor comments with personal attacks, in the hopes of whatever outcomes that your little mind can envision.

DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM with discovering the truth, little troll-fester?

'Rather HARSH, but the TRUTH' is not even a COMPLETE SENTENCE.
Until you learn basic language skills, your opinion is not worthy of further comment.


LOL, Then keep your comments to yourself,..

Then keep your comments to yourself, little man!

The Winds of Change!

To make my point clear.

Jesse is a big voice in this movement and we need his help NOW, not later. That was my point.

The Winds of Change!

I actually used to live only

I actually used to live only a few miles from Ventura, but now live in Minneapolis. He goes to Mexico during the winter and lives hundreds of miles from pavement, as he likes to say. You'll hear from him when he comes back. I've never really met him, but I've heard plenty of stories. Seems like everyone who crosses paths with him comes back with a story.

I would vote for Jesse

cuz he's pissed - I'm pissed - and most of amerika is pissed

Your subject line caught my eye.

I remembered hearing him say something about disappearing. He was on Piers Morgan show a while back. Here is what he said.

MORGAN: Jesse Ventura doesn't actually exist, of course. It's a fictitious character that you created.


MORGAN: Are you going to stay with Jesse Ventura?

VENTURA: No, I'll kill him.

MORGAN: Really?



VENTURA: I don't know yet.


VENTURA: But the day's coming.

MORGAN: How are you going to --

VENTURA: I can't answer.

MORGAN: How are you going to kill him in.

VENTURA: I will disappear.

MORGAN: So this might be the last interview Jesse Ventura gives.

VENTURA: No. Because I'm on the book tour. I'll be giving interviews for another 12 days.

MORGAN: So the death of Jesse comes in a year?

VENTURA: Possibly.

MORGAN: And that's it. Gone?


MORGAN: All over?

VENTURA: All over.

MORGAN: Well, I'm glad to have caught you before it was too late, Jesse.

Great clip! Another missed

Great clip! Another missed opportunity for the campaign.

Last I heard


Jesse don't fly no more.

Don't look for him around the Paul camp

after they dissed on him. Jesse all but offered to come aboard and help drive the campaign until the campaign rudely said no thanks. Just another bridge burned by Jesse et al.

alan laney


Do you have any credible references that back your statement?

Post a video link, or an article, that would back your claims.

Without that, your statement is simply RUMOR.


I understand that, but

I understand that, but Ventura has not made and appearance on RT or anywhere that I know of for a long time.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

he spends six months in mexico

every year. And I think with him losing his court case... he may just stay in mexico he's disgusted with ameriKa

Right, I had forgotten about

Right, I had forgotten about his TSA thing. Thanks!

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.