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I've been working for Dr. Paul to become President.

I truly want Dr. Paul to be President of the United States of America. I am beginning to doubt that Dr. Paul wants to be the President and beginning to feel that he no longer represents my #1 political aspiration and all I've been working for.

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Dr Paul for President

ChristsWorldOrder - please don't be dis-heartened, Unfortunately you appear to be one of a number of people whom interpret Ron Paul's recent message regarding change of strategy towards the GOP nomination.
We must not misintepret Ron paul's words or swallow the media play on Ron's words. Simply put - the Ron Paul campaign realises that it does not have sufficient financial funds to run a credible race against Romney in the remaining primaries (for RP to run in the remaining primaries would require around 10-20 million$), so a change of strategy to concentrate on the remaining caucuses, which can be campaigned very effectively within current funds available and yet to be raised. Please remember that Romney is backed by the 'establishment' banking/military corporations to the tune of 10's of $ millions. Ron's message does not indicate or infer that he is quitting. If he continues to gain delegates then we could end up with a brokered convention in Tampa and that will play in favour for the RP campaign, especially if so called 'bound' delegates adhere/uphold Pepublican National Committee Rule 38 - “No delegate or alternate delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to impose the unit rule.” Rule 38 clearly states that any delegate can vote as they so wish, which means they can abstain if required on a first round vote for Romney if he enters the Tampa convention with the majority of delegates.
Link to RPC rules (updated 6th August 2010)
SO PLEASE all those that may feel dis-heartened/dismayed - keep up the good fight becuase we all want RON PAUL for POTUS 2012

Ron Paul is the real deal and he is about as good as you can


Donate, canvass, call!!

What have we heard during this entire campaign?

I remember hearing this even a year ago.

"It's not a sprint, it's a marathon." That means we may not win the election right away. But we are winning. The 18-35's are coming our way. State GOPs are being taken over by Liberty minded folks.

Would I have loved to see a President Ron Paul (would I still love to see this)? You bet! But I can also see the big picture that we are laying ground work for a future president (and future congress) to take the electorate by storm. This is not over. We will be at the convention continuing to lay our groundwork. We will be heard again in 2014. We will have another liberty candidate in 2016 who will stand on Ron Paul's shoulders and likely have a real shot of winning. I think that's pretty huge and worth fighting for.


GTFO and leave the rest of us alone to get the work done.

How many thousand times are you going to write these threads?

Just GTFO. We can do without your childish emo drama routine, over and over again.

K - Troll

Please stop posting wussy stuff. We are the REVOLUTION .. it does not stop!