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Did you know that there is a Ron Paul delegate running for US Congress in Maine?

His name is Blaine Richardson.

Blaine is a 30 year Naval Veteran, a lifetime member of the NRA, he is pro-life and he needs our help.

This Friday 5/18/2012 the campaign to elect Blaine Richardson to Congress will be hosting a money bomb and they could use as much help as possible.

Imagine sending a decorated and commissioned Naval Captain (retired)who has bonded his life to the Constitution and who supports Ron Paul for President to the United States Congress replacing Mike Michaud.

If you would like to donate


If you would like to know more about Blaine

On Twitter: @Blaine4Congress
On Facebook:

I know there are some who are considering not giving in RP2012 money bomb on Thursday, would you please consider donating toward sending Blaine to the United States Congress.

Here's Blaine's speech from the Maine GOP Convention