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Oklahoma GOP Convention recollection, with video links.

Here is my recollection of the events of the Oklahoma GOP convention. It was chaos in a ballroom followed by the rule of law in the parking lot.

All in all what I learned on Saturday is what a true Republican is. You see a Republic is a form of government that is run, not by the will of the majority, but by the rule of law. In a Republic the rule of law protects the individual from the will of the majority. The establishment GOP demonstrated their utter disregard for the rule of law in preference to violently forcing their agenda upon the convention. Did the Romney supporters have a majority in the convention hall? It is possible that they did, although it was never possible to conclusively prove this. If they would have expressed their will within the rules of our party then they would have had a legitimate claim to their victory. But instead they chose to present a flawed delegate count, a bullied vote, and a rushed and botched agenda, concluding with an improper adjournment. Although the convention in the parking lot was not held in a fine ballroom it was held by the rules and with respect to all in attendance. The true Republicans, those who respect the rule of law, were made evident at the parking lot convention. It was at this convention that I was elected to serve as a National Delegate to the Republican National Convention, and it is a role that I accept as legitimate and will fight to see recognized.

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