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Doug Wead: Some things about the Ron Paul campaign can't be discussed right now

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Don't care and won't watch

Anything Doug Wead has to say is not worth the time. Ignoring him and the rest of the campaign messages.

Tokyo Rose strikes again.

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination

This deserves another listen...


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I love the mixed messages...

Absolutely love it! O ye of little faith. Why do you doubt? Ron Paul has said all along that his supporters are loyal.

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That's right

we'd follow him to hell and back. It sure feels like we've gone to a bad place. They kept telling us it would be like no other campaign in history and to fasten our seatbelts. Then, the next week, the white flags started waving. I'm not sure how playing possum helps, but I'm not leaving.

Ask him for copy of the

Ask him for copy of the video, and look at it.

Oh really Wead???

If some things can't be disclosed to the public right now why couldn't you have added to that list your thoughts that Paul stands little chance of winning the nomination? I know Paul wants to be truthful and honest to his supporters but if you are admittedly withholding some information couldn't you have also withheld that info which left many supporters feeling betrayed and which led the MSM to leap to conclusions? If the campaign isn't going to be completely forthcoming with all relevant information it certainly didn't need to be so candid about it's own lack of faith in winning, essentially taking the wind out of our sails just when we were seeing a major shift in the way the MSM was covering the campaign because of recent delegate wins.

GOP Reform

The GOP is not an independent party, but is part of the two-party system, by which the US is governed. The two-party system requires that there be only two parties capable of winning, neither of which subscribes to any absolute principles. If you want to understand what is widely understood by political theorists on this score, a clearly written, popular work (actually about the UK, which is also two-party), read "The Party System" by Belloc and Chesterton, available from Amazon (the introduction is written by Ron Paul).

If by any chance, one party should fall into the hands of a principled group of any kind, left or right, the media would simply eliminate that party, marginalizing it and reducing it to the status of a third party.

So anyone trying to subvert the goal of the Ron Paul movement, which is to secure the nomination for Dr. Paul, for the purpose of turning the GOP into a principled party is (1) Wasting his or her time, and (2)
misappropriating the money and efforts of those seeking to elect Dr. Paul.

If you understand what I am saying, please explain this to as many people in the Ron Paul movement as you can.

We are winning, boys.

Doug Wead is telling it exactly right. Remember what the campaign is saying, and be sure to read every word carefully. :) The m/m media is not reading it carefully, of course, and they are helping us immensely. Thanks, Doug.

At 'em, lads.

About a year ago right before

About a year ago right before the campaign launched I watched the G. Edward Griffin - The Collectivist Conspiracy Documentary/Interview: http://youtu.be/jAdu0N1-tvU

Griffin made a great point that RP winning was actually not the best scenario (not the worst either) because it would lead many to rest on their laurels.

Instead, he advocated essentially what's playing out now with us seizing the political "power centers" from the ground up.

A pyramid structure only works as long as the BASE goes along with the TOP. So changing the top won't magically fix the BASE, in fact it will likely cause the BASE to reject the TOP if they don't agree (right or wrong).

Right now, the media and status quo have control of the BASE which is why bottom up power center seizure in media, grassroots, and politics is an ideal path because you can block Federal oversight on the local level.

However, TSA encroachment, prison state, food tyranny, etc. are creeping fast so we've got to get really smart with our activism for quick turnaround and clear results.

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

I disagree.

A lot of Ron Paul supporters are working now to take over the GOP, and many are aware that they need to keep fighting at all levels of government. We already agree taking over the base of the pyramid, and doing a great job of it at that. I think that Ron Paul winning would be the best case scenario, because that way, we get both the top and bottom of the pyramid (presidency and Local/State/National GOP) at the same time, then work together to take over or defeat the middle (News Media, academia, Democrat Party, etc.


Trillion$ are threatened by that scenario

The status quo was put in place by incrementalism and that's how I believe we must take it down.

If you just slap RP up there and suddenly there's a false flag and heaven forbid he's harmed (a likely scenario given the TOP/BOTTOM pincer you propose), the media would easily spin the false flag away to just enough of the BASE to get away with it and usher in more TSA all in the name of avenging "Dear Dr. Paul."

Liberty shining strong on the Local level, local media, and local academia, etc. will give us the infrastructure to expose the web of false flag lies which is their biggest ace in the hole against the sheeple.

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

People have to be held responsible

Be that as it may, it doesn't change the facts. The story was floated out there and the media ran with it. Think about people, such as myself, who logged into Drudge one morning and saw "Paul's Out." Who do we hold responsible? The last week and half has been nothing but confusing.

I hold these two men to a very high standard, they didn't make the grade.

The infiltration model is:

Get involved, say and do all the right things, become a leader or important player, and then make sure things fall apart just when some kind of success is in sight.

I would say the timing of this episode indicates infiltration. I think the campaign's been compromised. Probably by Benton. At the very least the guy's incompetent, but the kinds of blunders we're seeing, just when the delegate strategy is starting to pay serious dividends, points to something more than someone just being an imbecile.

Def Possible

All I know is this: Ron Paul is the real deal, and whatever happened, it was evil... Whether he was infiltrated, or threatened, maybe blackmailed... Who knows. We have your back Ron

You are wrong.

You got me

I didn't realize I would be hit with such a barrage of contrary logic and evidence. I give up.


.. some of you are saying Dr. Paul has been bucking the establishment for all these years and it isn't until now he's worried about a threat?

There's no threat that will scare him out of his life long struggle that's at the very end now. I doubt threats are anything new to him.

All of this is about getting negative perspective on his campaign OFF of us. They know we're in position to do something significant and he doesn't want it to be a mess when it goes down. He knows that the attacks are coming when its clear he's winning and he doesn't want them to be substantiated.

You can't just work hard. You have to work smart. Doing all this work then going scorched earth crazy is a total waste. That's like throwing every military resource you have at only one battle and rolling the dice that you win, for if you don't there is no more fighting you can do.

Realize it.

I agree

Some things in the campaign simply can't be discussed openly. If it was, than we would have less room to strategize. And the media's been doing a BEAUTIFUL job of keeping us in the shadows while we do what we do.

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

I get the feeling that the

I get the feeling that the election is going to be stolen either way. We should be working on a plan when it is.

To Whom It May Concern

I am a die hard Ron Paul supporter, I will always support Dr. Paul. I will not, however, listen to Doug Weed or Jesse Benton again. You two have lost any credibility you've had in the past. It's hard enough for we supporters to go out there and buck the tide, without you two pulling the rug out from under us. No more subterfuge, no more misunderstandings. If I were Ron Paul, I'd forgive you both this time, but if you ever again did anything like what you did this past week, the last thing I would see is your behinds heading towards the door.

Adam Kokesh also represents Ron Paul and the disgusting display on a video last night left me shaking my head. Ron Paul deserves better and if you can't clean up your act, think about supporting Romney. His camp would appreciate your antics of last evening.

To all three of you little boys, grow up.

What'd Adam Kokesh

do last evening? I never really liked him

Couldn't disagree more

Once again, people who don't know what's really going on leap to conclusions, and then don't focus on the things they should be focusing on.

It seems likely that a campaign manager and a senior adviser to a campaign are speaking for the campaign. If they were not, they would be fired. Hillary Clinton fired her campaign manager in 2008 when he went off the reservation and couldn't deliver the goods. What are the odds that the two men who have helped Dr. Paul construct his recent victories against very long odds are working at cross-purposes to Dr. Paul's wishes would not be relieved by the candidate? Very low, unless they are doing exactly what they've been asked. The video says it all: there are some things that are not for public consumption. Its the same in any campaign. Ultimately, Dr. Paul is not going to risk the momentum of the Liberty Movement in the face of a MSM and GOP establishment that will sell their souls to keep the Romney/Obama duality in place. RP knows that. If he's backing off, there's a reason. If he's going below the radar, there's a reason. And I trust that the two men who are the public voice of the campaign speak for the man who is the public voice of the revolution.

This Ship is not sinking!

Watch out for false flags (link to post below). This ship is not sinking!


Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. - Matthew 10:16

"He's about as good as you

"He's about as good as you can get"
Amen Doug!

The Doctor will free you now.
-Ron Paul bumper sticker

What if?

What if the Paul campaign caught wind of the 'shadow' state GOP in Nevada and chose to float the last few days beforehand? By doing so it make it look like the Revolution was in a death throw to the uninformed. But he was fully aware that the opposition was set to make a fatal mistake - effectively disregarding and casting off the movement. They have said to all of us that they only want our votes and don't want our involvement unless we are big money donors.

They have, in a single event primed the pump to cause the movement to go into hyper drive. To see one of two possible scenarios play out - the end of the Republican Party or a complete take over of the Republican Party.

Either way it plays out - they can rest assured that they have alienated the future of this country. As more and more from Gen X and Gen Y open their eyes to the corruption, their time in power is about to end.

And we couldnt be anymore excited!!

I am so happy I was part of this revolution, and so happy to march onward til my dying day!!

The mafia? Brilliant Strategy? Profound Incompetence?

I'm a long-time Paul supporter and I've been just as puzzled as everyone about the poorly written press releases and mixed messages from the Paul campaign in the last few days. I've done a lot of digging and coverage of the story over at my blog. I put up some telling video of Tom Woods and Doug Wead. There is something going on over at the Paul campaign that we don't know about, and there are a lot of different plausible explanations.... but I would put my money on general mismanagement and incompetence. Check out the post for the whole summary.


You Have to Be There

Thanks for the summary on your blog. I've sent the link around my email universe.

Although it certainly appears like incompetence, there is no way that an outsider can know for sure. Unless a person interacts on a regular basis with a team, there is no way to fully understand what they are up to or how well each individual team member carries out his duties.

In the meantime -

I will trust Doug Wead and Jack Hunter. They seem to have been basically saying the same things as Benton. And Ron Paul is still in charge. I don't think that all of them would follow an unintended path to destruction. This is an indication to me that there is more to this apparent fiasco than a simple case of incompetence.

For that reason, I tend to lean toward the "Brilliant" stealth theory, even though it does not appear (on the surface)that any of them have the background and competence to be able to pull something like that off.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.


Doug did not say there were some things "about" the campaign. He said there are some things "within" the campaign. I specifically understood it to mean Jesse Benton. Jesse's email was the context of the conversation. Doug was saying that Jesse is not up for discussion with Ron Paul. Got it. He's his son in law. How can you think it means something about the campaign, like big news, in this context?