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Doug Wead: Some things about the Ron Paul campaign can't be discussed right now

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He's his



Thanks! I think I knew that :)

Congressional work, and threats

Are at the heart of this.

From lew Rockwell : http://www.lewrockwell.com/politicaltheatre/2012/05/rp-campa...

but this is not 1964. That is the main reason Ron delegates must not look askance at the Ronmeyites and other official criminals at the Tampa convention: it will be a police-state hellhole, especially for anyone with libertarian sympathies. The swarming cops, SS, DHS, FBI, CIA, et al. will be looking for the chance to taser and cage Paulians. Trained agent provocateurs will seek to cause incidents.

UPDATE from Chris Breaux: I got almost the exact same warning from a local GOPer who is honestly afraid for my safety at the state and national conventions. Thank you for this warning to my fellow Paul supporters. We must truly become “stealth” delegates.

Very good read

Yes be very aware of agent provocateurs.


Sounds like anti-RP threats to me... "Don't bother showing up, you'll be tased and ridiculed... Just let Romney have it."

Maybe . . .

. . . there are far bigger things, than this campaign for president in 2012, going on just beneath the surface.

maybe, JP Morgan is about to be sacrificed like BearStearns was in 2008, just before all hell broke loose in the financial world, except this time there won't be any bailout . . .

maybe, just as the world economy is collapsing, the stock market crashing to unheard of lows and fear is rampant, all the bad actors will be rounded up before our eyes, on MSM channels, and sent to holding camps to await trials. Maybe Mitt Romney will be on that list.

maybe, a new economic era will be announced and shocking new changes to governments around the globe revealed.

maybe, the IRS, the FED, and many government organizations and cabinets will close or be suspended, overnight, never to return, and the original Constitution will be reinstated and enforced immediately and all illegal executive orders expunged from all records.

maybe, all US troops around the globe will come home, overnight, essentially, fulfilling Dr. Paul's dream and prophecy.

maybe, revelations about 911, assassinations, the war on Terror, the elites, and how close we were to losing our world will be proven beyond doubt, and the only hard part will be the post-traumatic shock of the people, who can't believe what their eyes will see, and their ears hear, regarding the true history of our world.

maybe, Obama will turn out to be a conspiracy of Light instead of Darkness, and his mission was to push Americans over the edge, so they would wake up faster and fight against their self-appointed masters, knowing he would be blamed by many for it all.

maybe, Ron Paul was recently notified of many of these possibilities and that with what is about to happen in the country, the people didn't need the added stress of a bitter campaign that would continue to divide the country, especially given that the elections would be suspended anyway to handle bigger issues.

maybe, Ron Paul was notified privately, that he be prepared to take the reigns of power temporarily, until elections could be held. maybe, in a grand and unthinkable gesture to unite a country about to be plunged into chaos and fear, due to what it is about to learn, Obama and Paul will unite the nation through a power sharing arrangement, that will signal the end of party politics and the beginning of doing what is right and needed for the country. This will have the effect of creating a nearly overnight shift in the global consciousness of the planet.

maybe, there will be announcements that we are not alone in the universe, and that in fact, we have some elder brothers and sisters who would like to meet us and begin to help us rebuild and reorganize our planet and prepare for a Golden Age on Earth, complete with fantastic new technologies, that will transform our lives for the better forever.

Maybe, this will be my last post. I realize most of you consider this post my summa cum laude induction into the hall of lunatics and wackos, par excellence. Thank you. I take my bow. Remember, I said, "maybe". Maybe it is just the silly ramblings of a lunatic. At least you can have a great time ridiculing the ravings of madness, and showing everyone just how brilliant you are. Have fun. I don't know yet if any of the scenarios I've wondered about will come to pass, but we do live in interesting times, and something is up with Ron Paul, besides betraying his followers and supporting Romney or going to Tampa just to get to speak. If he would never admit in interviews to supporting Romney in the end, just because he would be the nominee, I can't see him doing such a repugnant thing. Something is up and as Doug Wead said, it can't be talked about, YET.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

LOL not a lunatic but definitely a dreamer

but one can dream can't we? I was just talking with my friend this morning about wishing that the whole 2012 "end of the world" thingy would not be so bad and the big bang would be the shock of Dr Paul becoming President. The ensuing chaos fomented by TBTB would only be temporary and our phoenix would rise to glory and start thousand years of Peace on earth.

See you're not the only one who can dream big ;)

Sounds like Doug is trying to sell Ron Paul as a president

not as concept to be used as a bargaining chip at a convention. Im not one to entertain mysteries and try to see meaning in the abstract, but it seems clear to me he was essentially implying that we should be reading between the lines.


I'll say it again, I HATE deception in ANY form. Instead of deceiving, just say N-O-T-H-I-N-G. BTW, I'm NOT pointing the finger at ANY particular person. I simply support Ron because he has NOT deceived according to my limited knowledge. Granted, there are times when tactics shouldn't be discussed PUBLICLY. In that case, simply say N-O-T-H-I-N-G publicly. ;)

If this is all strategy...

If this is all turns out to be strategy, then great....

If this campaign goes out with a whimper, then I strongly suspect that something bad happened... as in "an offer that couldn't be refused"...

I'm just going to wait and make my own judgement in a few months.

When I imagine the "offer that can't be refused" scenario, I imagine it looking exactly like what we have just witnessed.

If there are

serious threats to Dr. Paul's well-being, I would agree with Alex Jones' advice of 'getting it all out in the public now' (look what happened to the DC Madam : (

I remember that....

Anyone who believes that she actually committed suicide is crazy...

It's ironic that you reference the DC madam. Anytime I start to tell myself that I'm being too paranoid regarding politics, I think about that story. In my mind, it is proof positive that some very bad people are in control and will stop at nothing to maintain that control.

Further, If I was going to kill myself then hanging would absolutely be the last option. It just seems like a terrible way to go... Conversely, hanging would seem to be the option of choice for those wishing to fake a suicide.

Thats good stop talking

and everyone keep doing. This stuff is getting ridiculous. Everyone is tired of the parties telling them what to do but they turnaround and look for the Ron Paul campaign to tell them what to do. This is our country people we do the r[love]utions around here. Now get to work we have delegate spots to secure. We push to the very last vote at the National Convention. This isn't about Ron Paul its about your children.


so we will find out as soon as 9 years 364 days, wooo hooo, mark your calendar. Maybe he really means after Ron Paul's second term.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

No kidding

After Dr. Paul has passed away we will let you know. lol

My first thought

Has there been an attempt on RP's life? That's the only thing I can think of that our honest-but-humble doctor wouldn't want to talk about. Well, I'm sure there are other things, too (super private stuff, you know), but yeah ...

I hope he's okay. I hope that those with him, including his bodyguards, are okay.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Didn't Ross Perot

state this as the exact reason he dropped out back in the day? I may be wrong but I think he came right out and said that his life was threatened and he quit right then. Lord knows he didn't stop due to money issues - he was loaded - in the billions.

according to this blog

he said he dropped out because of threats on his daughter's wedding.

but read comments about Ron Paul from 07

It tells a lot.

Also, when you hear John Perkins author of Confessions of an economic hitman, you find out exactly how TPTB operates.

I think Bernanke is an economic hitman and the other day when they had breakfast, with a smile, he reminded Dr Paul of what they can do to him and his loved ones (that's us too).

Attempt on Ron Paul

I share your thoughts regarding this scenario. One must remember, the establishment has collectively done every thing possible to minimize,ridicule and outright ignore the Paul campaign for presidency since he first attempted it in 2008. I personally have never witnessed such negative collusion from the AIPAC controlled mass media. It is as though a mother ship sends out a command signal and they all fall lockstep inline to disseminate it. Sure, they alter a phrase here, a word or two there, but basically it is one mass hit piece. Or, they will just totally act as though he does not even exist, unless there is something negative to report. Face it people, the Ron Paul movement hits a lot of very powerful people right where it hurts them the most, in their wallets and bank accounts. I certainly do not profess to know what has occurred in the last few days with Dr. Paul's campaign,but it does seem to be a radical shift and for no real justifiable reason ??? If your goal is to bypass spending for the remaining primaries, there is no good reason to announce that as you most certainly know how it would play out in the MSM. I sincerely hope that an attempt was not made to silence Dr. Paul, whether real or perceived, but I also must admit that I would not be surprised if something of this magnitude did occur ! This is the risk one takes when we attempt to undue a half century of corruption and oppression that is getting worse by the day !

Jack Rose

Same here

It was the first thing that came to my mind as well. Probably get some crazies throwing venom for speaking your mind but I hear ya.

Mr. Wead

knows his topics and his skills and he's using them well

Can we just get back to

Can we just get back to focussing on the f***ing conventions already?

I trust Doug...please relax

I trust Doug...please relax everyone

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

Very Human

I think there are some nerves going on, but nothing wrong with just putting it out there. People are focused, delegates are coming in, everything is cool. It's good for people to get their concerns out. Nothing wrong with it, very human.

that's what therapy is all about

getting your feelings out, isn't it?

sorry glitch= double post

sorry glitch= double post

The only thing I can think of where Weed couldn't talk ...

The only thing I can think of where Weed really couldn't talk would be if negotiations toward a Romney/Paul (or Paul/Romney ;-) ) ticket, or something of that sort, were in progress.

Given that Ron has a LOT of delegates, if Romney DOES win the nomination I imagine that the delegates (who are not bound on the VP slot) might just draft Ron anyhow. So Romney has nothing to lose and a lot to gain by arranging for that to happen smoothly.

About the only way I can imagine Romney getting the Paul vote this cycle is by coming up with enough policy changes (and being convincing enough about living up to them) that Ron would accept a place on the ticket.

Doesn't seem too likely. But once I thought of it I couldn't resist mentioning it. B-)

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Guessing "No" on the VP

For Paul to take the VP slot means bending in what you believe in. I don't think he will do this at all. Besides it doesn't make much sense saying that it could be written about ten to twenty years from now. Crazy stuff. I'm thankful we have a solid forum like this to have an open discussion. I understand what your saying, but like you said, just very, very unlikely.

Not taking the VP slot would be ridiculous

Not taking the VP slot would be ridiculous.

This isn't a real revolution where you overthrow the government - revolution in this case is a campaign slogan referring to changing the government from within. Therefore the premise is that we accept the process, and do the best we can to get further and further until we control the party.

Getting Vice President of the United States is NOT something you dismiss out of hand.

Even Ron Paul says you don't end the Fed overnight, and he's cutting 1 trillion in the first year, not the entire deficit. The whole premise here is incrementalism. We get more and more as the movement grows and our ideas spread.

Ron Paul wouldn't be the one bending as VP, he would be the one doing the bending Romney and the GOP. If RP gets VP, it means he got the 2nd best possible outcome (if not the first, realistically) + control of entire state parties.

Just imagine, VP runs a press conference. Speaks on television. Unavoidable. From that podium, he can get all the airtime he needs. He can educate people.

There's a reason RP was calling all his opponents the "same", except for Romney having a good "management style".

RP knows VP would be an awesome step for the movement. The more delegates RP gets, the more pressure Romney is under to get him to capitulate so he can start campaigning as the GOP candidate. And heck, he knows that with RP he could beat Obama 100%.

And just why not?

Governments are physically overthrown around the world all the time. Why wouldn't the US patriots do it if absolutely necessary? There would definitely not be a lack of volunteers :)

On the other hand, controlling from the inside - if RP was offered VP, and something were to happen to MR, ending his capacity as Pres, RP would step into the position he was meant to hold.

No threats here, just observation.