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Respect? Make Nice? Are you Kidding?

I am angry with campaign, not Ron Paul.

So, the campaign is now proclaiming that they want to "make nice" as long as the movement and the people within it are treated with respect and dignity.

Make nice with Mitt Romney and the Republicans that have spat and laughed at Ron Paul? The same Republicans that ran shoddy if not downright fraudulent votes? The same ones that cheated him out of delegates and closed down meetings when they didn’t like the results?

If all we were asking for was respect, we should have asked for it a long time ago.

A question that has frequently been asked of Ron Paul's campaign is…what is success? To win the nomination? The spread of the liberty philosophy? Taking over the Republican Party? I might not be able to answer that, but I can tell you what it wasn't: to sit at the table of the warmongering, unprincipled and vicious Republicans. I will not trade my voice and my passion for the respect of these fools and naves.

The minute this movement gives up principle in hope of electoral success is the moment I will leave it.

What benefit is it to the movement if a scene ISN'T caused at the convention? Why not try to show that the Republican Party is NOT united behind that two-face of a nominee? Honestly, I got giddy over the idea of Romney not winning on the first ballot, not even allowing myself hope that Ron Paul would win,…but just to show the weakness of Romney and thus, the weakness of his "ideas."

We had them afraid of us making a circus out of their circus. Which would be better to spread the message of liberty? The disruption of the Republican convention by an insurgent and principled group or a prime time speaking slot and an altering of the platform (which is never adhered to anyway.) I think the choice is obvious.

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All we need to do is play by their rules, take control, be smart have the numbers and wait till they break their own rules while we record it on our phones. Post it everywhere. Show the world that we are the ones who are following the rules while the establishment has a melt down. You see someone doing something you think might be questionable go up to them and say what are you doing? Stuffing ballots? Trust me they know they are losing and they will cheat,steal and break their own rules. Let's take them on. Dr. Paul never gave up and we gotta fight like we have never fought before.

Stand up and Disagree, but don't be jerks about it

I also would love to see Romney not get it on the first ballot. But we don't have to be rowdy and disrespectful to do that. We just have to vote or abstain or whatever is needed to make our voices heard.

Also, the campaign is Ron Paul. If you don't like what Benton is saying, blame his boss. If Ron Paul can't handle his key campaign people then he shouldn't be president.

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You do realize

people on all sides of this are concerned the national convention will turn into Oklahoma on steroids - prime-time pandemonium LIVE on 200 networks, broadcasting to an international live audience?

Turn it all into a big circus, like we're all a big joke - a big embarrassment in front of the whole world, for the party, the country, and everyone involved, including Ron Paul.

Then again if we do it right we will wake the jaded

the disenfranchised, the apathetic, those who gave up believing it could be done. If we do it right, all this liberty fuel we have been spreading will ignite in one huge ferocious blaze! Hidden crowds will come out of the woodwork and stream from both parties and the independents. A classic revolution would take place overnight.

We could go for it that way, which would be quite the scene, or keep our heads down and work within the party with a slow takeover. I believe Dr. Paul prefers the latter and he's probably right... but come august,if the conditions are right and Romney falters... I say we go for it.


Thats my opinion on working within the GOP

My other thought on the subject is that Dr Paul has sown the seeds of Liberty, and the roots can not take hold if WE scorch the earth.

You're right except...

I could care less about a "scorched earth" - most in that party won't change. They are simply too obsolete to understand the data of Liberty. It's like a DVD player trying to play a Blue Ray. It's just too dumb to understand the data it's presented with...

I posted this a while back, some GOP 1.0 just wont get it. They chose to fight us with everything they have to preserve their corrupt empire.

I say F-them! I want them to know we are coming for them.

I want them to fear us and know they we took the party back from them because we are the future and their obsolete thinking is what is ruining this party and the country.


Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

You can strongly voice your opinion while still being respectful

True many do not play by the rules and many use insulting abhorent language. That does not give us license or the obligation to do the same. We win through knowledge, numbers, honesty, logic, fair play and tireless determination. These things are how we win, not just elections but hearts and minds, the true prize. We do not win by stooping to their level with desperate tactics. Many have remarked even from supporters of opposing candidates how smooth and fair things have proceeded at conventions where one of ours was elected chair. With fairness and honesty we earn respect. With respect we earn trust. With trust we win elections. With elections we change the world. But first we must win hearts and minds. That doesnt mean we need to be door mats and just take all the injustices. No we stand up assertively for our cause. It may however require turning the other cheek on occasion and taking the high road. We must remember we're trying to save our opposition as well.

As Morpheus says in the matrix,

"You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inerred, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."

Be civil. Earn respect. Gain trust. Then they will listen. Then they will change. Simply winning these conventions while extraordinarily good is not enough in the long run. We must bring these people along with us. If not they may become our permanent enemy. Though extremely frustrating Ron Paul is right, we must be mindful to remain civil in all these things.

I don't agree things like challenging injustices, reconvening conventions, that were illegally run and adjourned, in the parking lot, and booing lies, nonsense or villainy as disrespectful or uncivil. In fact I believe the opposite, that if you don't do these things when they occur it is disrespectful and uncivil. My biggest concern is not that we're making a scene but when there is animosity towards one another. The name calling and ridicule that sometimes occurs. I watched one convention livestream where the filmer was bad mouthing very vocally the opposition candidates and their supporters in full ear shot of those same people. I wanted to reach through the screen and slap them! I left them a message to that extent. That is what needs to stop. The other things, using RRO, countering bad motions and actions at these conventions and valiantly standing up for our cause are perfectly justified and encouraged, in my opinion.

Many will refuse to change...

The only way to take the party back is to win every local and state election possible.

Where there is an election a Liberty Movement/GOP 2.0 candidate must be there and must win.

I want the corrupt and obsolete GOP to know that we are the future and they cannot stop us from taking back the party.

We will win every election legally and not stoop to the low tactics and cheating that the establishment has employed. I want them to know that we BEAT them fair and square in every election... but I want them to know that they LOST to us!

GOP 2.0

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

We just have to keep winning


This movement is bigger than one presidential race. We have to compete and win in every single election that occurs across the country.

We rip out the cancer that is the current GOP establishment by the roots and replace them with the Liberty Movement/GOP 2.0

I want them to know that we beat them and I want them to know that we are coming for them.

They should fear us. It's only a matter of time before those rat bastards realize their time is up and we are in control.

We just have to keep winning.

GOP 2.0 - upgrade coming soon!

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Self defence and standing

Self defence and standing your ground IS playing "nice"

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

To disagree...

...you don't have to be disagreeable. : )

No one is saying "let them walk all over you," the campaign is merely saying, "be polite."

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

We've always played nice.

We've always played nice. It's the GOP that is being disrespectful and breaking the rules. We don't need to change anything. Once the nomination comes to a vote on the floor, we nominate Paul with our plurality in 5 states, ignore state binding or abstain, and do everything in our power to make sure Ron Paul is the 2012 Republican nominee.


First and fore most

Ron Paul and his team are walk the walk Christians. Bully boy tactics, threats, and ugly behavior belong in the other political camps, not Ron Paul's.

Any opinions here?

Any opinions here?