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Policy Mic: Will Ron Paul Fire Jesse Benton?

At a time like this, you either fire the leadership of a campaign or you stand behind them. The third option is to give up, but Ron Paul supporters don’t seem like the type to give up.

I’ve been in Ron Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton’s presence a total of two times. Those two times lasted a maximum of 30 seconds each. I have no personal loyalty to Jesse Benton nor animosity for him.

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what i am seeing

is a lot of people with trust issues. you say you trust ron paul but you don't trust the campaign. well, hate to break the news to you, but ron paul is the campaign. by distrusting his people you are distrusting him. i don't know what their plans are, and i don't care. i trust ron paul to do the best that he can, and i trust his people to carry out his plan. trust is a 2 way street, if you cannot trust anyone then you yourself are untrustworthy. however you do have to be selective about who you trust. if you cannot support the campaign, why should they support you. this is a learning experience, learn, no one is going to hold your hand and tell you what to do, figure it out. there is all the information out there that you need. look for it.


You didn't read the article


Ron Paul does not fire people....

...esp. family members.

Remember when it took him over a year to fire a staffer (Eric Dondero) who was publicly & frequently very critical of his own boss?!?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Want to see the

best Poker Player in the known world then take a look at Ron Paul. Will he fire Benton? NO! Why? Because he told Benton to send the email. Now think for a few seconds. Benton put in that email that Romney had this sewed up and that he was just a couple hundred delegates from wrapping it up. Now is that true? Ask your self, if that is true. If you do no know then let me clue you in. Romney is not even close to wrapping this up. You and I know better because we are more involved but I will bet you that a lot of Romney supporters grabbed it and run under the bank. That is what we want them to do. Yes drop your guard so we can proceed with our delegate hunt. After that string of wins the Romney camp and the Republican establishment went into full panic mode. Enough to call out the lawyers. There pop off valve was about to pop. Pressure had to be released or they would have turned to any and all dirty tricks. We can fight but we can not fight that at the same time. Just keep on keeping on, that is what we have to do. See you in Tampa.

Good Article.

Great ending.

United we stand, divided we lose!

Wise words and a great article. Maybe it's my age, but I really can't understand or appreciate all the concern and fury that has been generated in the last few days. For peace loving people, it makes us look foolish and slightly unhinged. Everyone in the world is watching us, guys. Please think and govern yourselves accordingly! And as the Tao te Chin says, let the waters clear. Please stop jumping to conclusions, condemning others, and playing the victim. It is unbecoming and unworthy of the liberty movement, and a "lot of tempest in a pot of tea - the whole thing don't look very good to me."

In my opinion, Jesse Benton is just fine, a brave man who would defend Dr. Paul to the end. I have watched him protect Dr. Paul and I trust him with Dr. Paul's life, which is far more important than some hurt feelings about being left out of the loop on campaign strategy. Dr. Paul has been extending himself to an extraordinary level, physically, psychologically, and emotionally, for a long time now. This new approach will give him some valuable time to rest and to focus his energies for what lies ahead at the state conventions, in Tampa and beyond!

Sweet Liberty

smoking CRACK

JESSE IS PART OF THE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would he fire Jesse Benton?

He's helped run a very successful campaign.

If you talked with Ron, I'll bet you'd find that he does not harbor the insane hatred toward Jesse Benton that so many folks here are displaying.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

That might be true but I suspect...

...you didn't read the article. Aside from a little constructive criticism Benton was defended. It offers a different perspective of a what-if scenario.

Whether he will or will not is irrelevant (hear me out)

The title made me chuckle, the actual article just made me shake my head.

Jack Hunter mentioned just the other day that the media doesn't know how to cover the Ron Paul campaign because they don't understand that this is NOT a traditional campaign. I know that Allan Stevo is a featured blogger on both the DP and on lewrockwell.com, but it seems to me this still applies.

When I say "this is not a traditional campaign" I mean two things.. One, it is truly a revolution (we all know this already); and two, (this is the kicker) they are not running it as if it were a traditional campaign.

This "PR blunder" is not a blunder at all. The strategy is constantly evolving, and it is strategic, whether any of us can see that right now or not. They know what they are doing. In that interview from yesterday, Doug Wead alluded to this in saying that "the field" doesn't always understand, and may not for another 10-20 years. (The Field = us supporters. Military terminology <- this is key) If you listened carefully, it's clear the only thing he could have been taking about was strategy.

Call me delusional, vote me down, whatever. Time will tell.

There is no spoon.

I agree with another thread here,

"One of the Greatest Publicity Stunts Ever". Before this Ron Paul was virtually ignored. Now he has gotten millions of dollars of MSM publicity for free. People who thought he was already out are thinking what do you mean he just "suspended" (media fanatical spin) his campaign? You have been saying for months he did not exist with your exclusions.
Now the media are having to retract the suspended and admit he is still in the running. The people in the upcoming primaries have been exposed to the fact there is still an active anti-willard.
I believe it's possible Jesse was instructed to say this and look at the possible good results it attained.

The better option..

Is not to fire him, but to move him to another role within the team. I don't think it's fair to give somebody the boot who has devoted many years of their life to the Paul candidacy.. Whether we like him or not is irrelevant, he is family. And I'm sure there is another job within Paul's team for him. They can then choose somebody else to take his position. Tom Woods would be an excellent choice as he is extremely informed and articulate, but whoever it is has to be comfortable dealing with the press.

Paul never hired Benton, so Benton is not his decision to fire.

If Benton were ever to be fired, then Paul would be running on a third party candidate and doing similar sane things versus just wanting to influence romney.


The author gets it right for the wrong reasons:

#1 - this movement, like American Liberty, can only be destroyed from within.

Where he misplaces the blame for "attacks" is at the feet of the grassroots who are responding to Benton's PR and Interview. It was Benton who attacked the grassroots.

He did it in three ways:

1 - he announced it was practically impossible for Paul to win the nomination. This is critical. If the campaign itself believes it is not possible, that sends the signal they are no longer interested (or never were) in trying. Thus, volunteers, delegates, donors, et al, will be much more wary about continuing their support. In one sentence, he trashed all of their efforts and sacrifices, PRECISELY at the moment they were seeing success!!

2 - he equated standing up for the rule of law (private rules, or public law) with "disrespectful behavior." That was BEYOND insulting. It's a tactic used by only the best propaganda mouth pieces of tyrants. There is zero excuse for this coming from the mouth or pen of anyone associated with Ron Paul.

3 - he committed #2 without even acknowledging the lies, deceit, unlawful behavior, and general thuggery committed by the Party or the opposition campaigns. This made #2 even more of an attack.

The grassroots were responding to being attacked. They were not initiating the attacks. They are demanding answers and resolution. They want to go forth and win. They have little or no interest in making sacrifices for platitudes and insincere offers to accommodate their beliefs and policies from the Romney camp.

Jesse Benton is the one destroying this movement from within.

Jesse Benton is the one destroying all chances for victory, and with it, any hope for a "long game."

He's pissing people off left and right, and he has made ZERO move to apologize, backpedal or correct himself.

And this is NOT the first time he does this. Not even close.

#2 - Yes, there are veterans and experts in the campaign. Benton is not one of them. He's a rookie. He got his feet wet in '07 and then some success with Rand's race. But that's it. He's a noob. And it shows. A veteran would NEVER insult supporters the way he has, and they would NEVER claim the impossibility of victory. Not at least if your intent really is to continue on and continue getting support.

If a veteran did make such a mistake, he'd correct it immediately. Benton has let this drag on four days now. Where are the other veterans in the campaign? Why aren't they all on the same page? Why is this still up in the air after so much hoopla?

#3 - Many if not most of the people in this campaign on the non-payroll side are dimes to dollars not likely to be interested in a long-game or even think one is possible without victory in 2012.

There are those of us who see anything short of a convention floor fight, even one we lose, to be the end (in our lifetimes) of any hope for Liberty in America.

Even getting that far in the future may be a challenge. As I type this, we are on the brink once again of complete systemic world-wide economic collapse. A collapse that will surely bring a totalitarian regime in full force here in the U.S. -that, or complete anarchy as we descend into open, bloody revolution.

Jesse Benton isn't telling us to focus on the long game. He just killed it. He just sent the message to millions of supporters - pack it up, we're done.

He can say otherwise all he wants. But the comment of the impossibility of winning the nomination speaks louder than anything else he tries to say.

Ron Paul doesn't have to fire Jesse Benton - but only as long as Benton publicly apologizes for his attacks on the grassroots, his error in his assessment of the chances of winning the nomination, AND he acknowledges the shenanigans from the opposition AND the GOP.

If he does that, he will pull everyone back together and get them working again.

If he does not - he has to go.

If he does not and he doesn't go - this really is over.

Liberty will not get another chance. Time is up.

No, he got it exactly right.

It's the whiners who caused the problem, and are continuing to cause the problem.

Just some thoughts on your post.

The comments you read from Mr. Benton's emails had a different meaning for you than for me. I also listened to the conference call with the media and he said nothing in that call resembling the pronouncements you accuse him with. I did hear him say that Ron Paul supporters were in danger always of being accused of unruly behaviour. He believes our opponents and the media are hypercritical of our supporters and for this reason we have to be extra careful since we will never be cut any slack by the media. This is perfectly true. The clear implication to me was that he believes the criticism is unjustified. Perhaps those who criticise Jesse Benton have the same tendency.


As has been stated elsewhere, the communications made this week from the Campaign were vetted by Dr. Paul and would not have been issued without his blessing. They also resemble every thought ever voiced by Dr. Paul about the chances of winning. We have always been a long shot.

That Mitt Romney is likely to have enough delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot is almost certain since many States are winner take all and the delegates are appointed according to primary results by committees that are controlled by the establishment. We all know that the voting process is also controlled by the same people. Many perhaps even a majority of the delegates however will be Ron Paul supporters and Jesse did mention this.

That does not mean at all that we cannot win. There is always the "unforeseen event" mentioned by Jesse in his email. In my view that is exactly what it will take to win. Since it is unforeseeable we cannot know what it will be. The Ron Paul Revolution cannot win the Presidency by the usual means laid down and exploited by the establishment for decades. This year we have a loophole because Michael Steele the former RNC Chairman changed the rules to make it possible. I believe that was providential. It remains to be seen if we can muster sufficient support to accomplish this. I believe we shall.

As to the long game, Mr. Benton's memo to supporters encouraged them to get involved in the local political process and to support Liberty candidates for office, another theme embraced by Dr. Paul from the beginning. This has never been only about this election and if the Liberty movement is to be successful it must continue on all levels for a long time into the future. This was made clear in the email and on the conference call.

There is a great deal of Sturm und Drang at the moment amongst the grassroots. Personally I believe these moments are important and eventually constructive since they enable us all to test our own commitment to seeing this through. Ultimately it is not about one person or even a group of people like the campaign team. We are all growing in our understanding of what this all means both personally and in the big picture. We shall either continue this process or fall by the wayside.

I can detect from your comments that your concern is urgent, more about this year and the possibility that there won't be another time like now to advance the cause of Liberty. You seem to believe that if we don't win the Presidency it will be all over for the Liberty movement. Well that may be true of you personally, I hope not, but it is not true of the desire of men to be free. That is universal and forever. It was planted in our hearts by God since it is He who in the end will set us free.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Now see there you go

talking about something that you obviously know nothing about. Why do you do that? Fist find out what you are talking about then comment. Winner take all states mean nothing. There is no such thing as winner take all. Oh sure there is the saying but no delegate can be bound by any state. Read rule #38 of the RNC. Even the RNC lawyers have stated that no state can bind a delegate, and I can absolutely assure any one that no delegate can be bound at the national convention. I am a delegate and I know exactly what I am talking about. This was hashed out in 2008 at the National Convention. One person bound to McCain voted for Romney. That is when the RNC lawyers said that no person could be bound to any delegate by the state. How do you think we would have a hats chance of winning if we went by what you say? Any Romney delegate can abstain from voting on the first round and as a matter of fact they can even vote for Ron Paul. Why? Because the rule says they can and it has already been done in 2008. So please do not pump out this garbage on here. We do not need it. We have enough problems already without you adding to it. Get off the "almost certain" that is in no way true.

Steady on. I'm on your side.

Rule 38 MAY unbind delegates but so far as I have read the jury is out on that issue. There is also another NRP Rule 37E which may pre-empt any attempt to unbind delegates in any circumstances.

This is an analysis that covers this point and all the others that have come up:


and this article covers some other issues:


If you read further in my comment this is what I said:

"That does not mean AT ALL that we cannot win. There is always the "unforeseen event" mentioned by Jesse in his email. In my view that is exactly what it will take to win. Since it is unforeseeable we cannot know what it will be. The Ron Paul Revolution cannot win the Presidency by the usual means laid down and exploited by the establishment for decades. This year we have a loophole because Michael Steele the former RNC Chairman changed the rules to make it possible. I believe that was providential. It remains to be seen if we can muster sufficient support to accomplish this. I believe we shall."

So far we have seen the Romney team pull all kinds of tricks and now they are trying to set up a "shadow GOP" in Nevada to go around the Nevada GOP that is now in the control of the Ron Paul Republicans. Romney is a great believer in lawyers and will use every legal or borderline illegal manoeuvre in the book to get what he wants. He has been schmoozing the GOP leadership for four years and they are on his side.

It is important that we are realistic about what we are up against. This does NOT mean we throw in the towel. Like you I am personally confident that the campaign knows full well what the situation is and is prepared to deal with it. As a delegate you will be more informed about the strategy of the campaign that a mere foreign bystander like myself. However I do pay close attention to what is going on and try to discern the way the wind is blowing.

I wish you well in the weeks to come. My wife and I pray for you all every day.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

I heard things the same way

I heard things the same way you did. I wonder what it is that some are interpreting things oposite to us. It would make me think that they were out to cause trouble, but some of them have been around for years.

How can they possibly interpret Jessie's praise of Ron Paul's supporters politeness as "the supporters are rude". Something is seriously wrong.

It would be good to get someone from "the other side" here to discuss why such different interpretations are happening.

You get it wrong for

You get it wrong for ridiculous reasons...

1. Benton didn't attack anyone. Ron Paul did. Stop painting Ron Paul as some incompetent leader who can't even control his own fairly small staff. And even worse...after one of them goes rogue, STILL doesn't come out personally to denounce what was said. The REALITY is that Ron Paul read every single word written by Benton this week BEFORE it went out and gave it the go ahead.

2. Ron Paul is a veteran..and as above...he OKed the e-mails.

3. Completely false. EVERYONE in his campaign knew it was an EXTREME long shot for him to win in 2012. Including Ron Paul himself. But they still joined him.

If you think losing (which you would) a floor fight in Tampa to be a GOOD thing for the future, then yo honestly are not someone Ron Paul wants of his side. And that is EXACTLY why he Oked these e-mails. He wants to get RID of people like you. You are HURTING Ron Paul.

The rest of your comment is just plain asinine and ignorance. You have been rooting for a collapse for 5 years now nad are sad that it hasn't happened. And it won't

That's for your opinion

Mr 7-hour Romney troll.

Go Home Troll ! Your

Go Home Troll ! Your negativity is NOT appreciated.

coffee_sponge's picture

Another Rombot

In the half hour you've been here, Jammy, you've busily posted negative nonsense all over the site.

I'm actually encouraged to see all these paid Rombot hacks invading the DP because it underscores the fact we ARE winning and we obviously are giving Mitt and his myrmidons a very acute set of sweaty armpits. If we weren't drawing any fire, I would suspect our effectiveness was lacking.

Prepare to perspire in a major way, Rombots, we have only begun to fight. We see through your facade, and our resolve is reinforced by your desperate tactics.

Words mean everything

Clearly the way thing were worded were not good as it left the opening for the MSM to spin it their way.

I call it a gaffe which Jesse is now trying to recover from.

No Dr P is not a micromanager, but he did once call me because he missed saying goodbye (I had gone back in to get my umbrella which I'd left in a restaurant we were in)

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

No, Jesse Benton is his grand son in law

We don't have all the information to make that call. Anything we might conclude would be based on speculation.

Would Tom Woods be better

Would Tom Woods be better than Jesse? Forget that Jesse has "dropped the ball" this week, i just want to know do we have the best in charge? If not why not make the change

The notion that Ron Paul

The notion that Ron Paul didn't give the go ahead to EVERYTHING that Benton said in those e-mails is absurd. It would make Ron Paul incompetent to assume that Ron Paul not only doesn't have control over his own staff, butafter a rogue move by one, he didn't IMMEDIATELY step forward and fire him, and renounce everything that was said.

Or...it could be that he IS competent, and simply AGREES with what was said.

Isn't that exactly the kind

Isn't that exactly the kind of thing that happened with the newsletters though?

Ron Paul isn't the micro-management type. I think it's very possible statements are going out that he hasn't personally approved.

Ah No

Ah No, not even close, Its was a newsletter, This is, in Ron Pauls words, trying to change the course of history.

At the time of the newsletters, he was practicing medicine, right now, he is running for President.

Your comparison is Ridiculous, Ive looked at your other comments, every one of them aimed at stirring up discontent, and attacking Paul and his supporters.

Welcome to the DailyPaul Mr Cointelpro.

Btw Im Australian, The ENTIRE world knows about what is happening, and trying to break us up through infiltration WILL NOT WORK, YOUR TIME HAS COME!

This article glosses over an important point, revealing...

...something about the author.

The author has no experience working state conventions. Therefore, the problem that the PR problems posed were neither comprehended nor addressed by the author.

The problem is that the PR from the campaign on Mon and Tues cut the legs off the literally thousands of state delegates who slogged it out the entire time to get to the state convention: nights, weekends, meeting after meeting, ignomy, vote after vote, flyer after flyer, month after month, dollar after dollar.

It's hard enough to win at convention, though it is possible if you do your job right.

But when the chairman or the party knows more than you do about your OWN faction or has another baseball bat to use against you, provided to them by your OWN campaign, it makes it 1000 times harder.

It was disrespectful to those thousands of silent supporters who did what the campaign asked in the most respectful and diligent manner and who contributed, likely, more time and $ of their own beyond contributions to the campaign than anyone else in order to stick it out and attend their state conventions.

THAT was the problem with it. The best support the campaign could have given to them was NONE. Say nothing. Let the conventions happen.

Calls for civility? Fine. Scale back expenditures? Fine. Do whatever horsetrading they have to do? Fine.


Let our people do the jobs they know how to do. The PRs over the last two days cut the legs out from those people still marching to convention and was incredibly insensitive. Additionally, they were completely contrary to the "delegate strategy" which strategy was created by, belongs to and is being executed by those VERY PEOPLE the press releases cut the legs out from under.