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Do you think a liberty PACs should forDelegate Info Bomb?!

How about a informational outreach to delegates who currently support someone other than Ron? OPERATION DELEGATE INFO BOMB if you will.

A positive here is that there are such a low number of delegates compared to number of voters that we could really go all out with something like this. We know how awesome Ron's platform really is. We also know that a majority of non supporters know of Ron's positions from listening to the media's disinformation and distortions. This effort would be to correct that as much as possible solely amongst current delegates not supporting Ron. I figure if we tell them that the majority of what they know of Ron is dishonest and that if they give this info a honest look that they will have their perspective challenged. I think this seems like something that should be pursued in an all out fashion. It's the last hurrah and I believe we could really change a lot of delegates minds by opening their eyes to what we've seen.

This seems like a very natural next step for the grassroots at this point in time. I think its what we need to do. Lets put our heads together.

--What to possibly include--
**Books - The Revolution & End The Fed
**DVD's - Anything credible without factual errors that can be used to discredit the larger message of the film. Think America: Freedom To Fascism (one of my favorites but apparently with a few errors.) Classic YouTube exclusive Ron Paul videos.
**Tom Woods' letter that was originally to be included in the Revolution PAC's SuperBrochure/For Liberty combo pack that was to go out to early primary voters. I think that letter sounded like a nice buffer for the info. Lets pull that from the file.
**All other ideas welcome. Let 'er rip!

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TN Delegate List

Here is the list from Tennessee: http://tnsos.org/elections/2012Delegates.php?showall

I think this includes all delegates that were on the ballot; I haven't been able to find a list of those elected to go to Tampa.

My plan is to get out a phone book and try calling them to talk about the candidates.

All you'd need are about 15 Gingrich/Huntsman/Santorum delegates

to switch sides to get a majority for RP. By quick scan count -approx. 35 RP vs 48 MR now

RP R3VOLution

Very nice.

This is the info we need right here. Thank you very much.

This might help...

Contact this PAC in Texas run by a 21 year old. He states in the article that he's helping Dr. Paul. Maybe he'd bankroll the "delegate bomb"


Good call...

I did just that about an hour ago. I sent him the link for this page. I sure hope he sees it. I'm going to follow up as well as continue to contact other PAC's. What's the story on Revolution PAC. Tom Woods said in a interview he did with Carol that he hasn't been with them for some time.

List of Delegates...

Somebody needs to get up a list of current delegates. My plate is a bit full but if I'm told to do it by Libertypacusa - I follow orders. (As long as the orders are constitutional)

Amazing idea!

wow this is an amazing idea!

count me in for the chip-in!

No takers?!

How could this be? I think this is a incredible idea. Only a few thousand people at the most. We could target those at the remaining state conventions as well as the national. Think of how thorough we could be. I just think of all of the early primary voters we reached through the SuperBrochure program and how small of a group the delegates are by comparison. This deals exactly with what our current problem is. I really believe we can reach a number of these people with a genuine outreach. Should a SuperPAC be handling this?

This is a stupendous idea

LibertyUSA PAC might be interested in this, because the PAC can take unlimited donations for the delegates. PM me. Am planning to do a delegate bomb, soon. The ticker is already in production.


What happened with Revolution PAC? I heard Tom Woods mention he hasn't been with them for some time while he interviewed Carol Paul. I'm going to contact a few PAC's about this general idea in the morning. You say you're already operational on this?


LibertyusaPAC was put together by a few tireless restless patriots - just recently - and I stand behind it 100% - I don't know if I can publicly talk about the company that founded it - but I will say I stand behind them 100% as well.

They have set me up with a new computer (fan on my old laptop just chit the bed - as well as the broken keyboard lol) and have taken all my ideas to heart. The folks at Daily Paul have a huge amount of influence over how Libertyusapac spends the money...

I for one am not greedy - as long as rent and food are covered and I can work every waking minute towards liberty - I'm a happy camper :)

All of you who have been abused by my zeros in place of "o" should consider donating because they've performed a much needed public service lol.