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Police Tried to Prohibit Ron Paul Rally at State capitol

The California Highway Patrol has informed us that they no longer refuse to issue a permit for the Ron Paul Rally on Friday, May 18th at 9am.

The Rally, announced in this Daily Paul Post, will be led by Lady Godiva.

Updates and coverage also can be found here.

The CHP first refused to “allow” this Ron Paul Rally under any circumstances. Later, the rally was to be “allowed” but we were told “no animals” were allowed on the grounds of the capitol. This obviously was a false statement.

Evidence we cited included pictures like this, of the Governor walking his beast around the capitol grounds.

Godiva’s horse “Satch” has learned that the Governor’s dog also prefers Ron Paul.

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I'm back from the rally

The Horse was able to make it, and no law enforcement hassled us. The turn out was disappointing. Sacramento has 500 folks on Meetup - we're gonna work on getting more people active. We have a meeting on Monday to formulate plans for the Sacramento area.


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Lady Godiva died a while back

last I checked


John, is it still on? I notified the Meetups, etc.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Can I reach you on the phone?

Either tonight or tomorrow and if so at what time(s)?

Also, could you shoot me the phone again if I may call? winliberty@gmail.com

Perhaps you don't understand yet Betty


Whatever John decrees not only is ON, it's immutable and permanent.

Next, comes my decree about steak and ice cream.

I like the steak medium rare and nothing but mint chocolate chip for me.


Tomorrow about 6:00 would be great. Peanut Butter Cup!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Everyone is hitting me with this Baskin Robbins, Ben and Jerry's

Ice cream is meant to be simple and very, very hard, and not because there's a bunch of junk in it.

Baskin Robbins and Ben and Jerry perverted the world with their confusing, mixed up stuff...

mint chocolate chip is good...

but I had a deee-licious bowl of Ben & Jerry's vanilla heath bar crunch last night. Surely that would be allowed as an alternative? ;-)

essentially I'm an ice cream purist

mint chocolate chip is my only deviation from vanilla, chocolate and strawberry

As I have not studied the

As I have not studied the "Right to Assemble", nor have I read any in-depth books on the subject, I can only speculate. If you are one of the millions that feel you need a license to drive vs. traveling by right, then yes, you need permission to assemble and also to suck air.
Also, there is a commercial question here. Do we have the right to assemble for a commercial purpose? One MUST be licensed to operate “for commercial purpose” on the highways and roads. There is no getting around that and it is fair (taxable). I ask, can one ‘assemble’ for a commercial purpose? The office of President of the United States being a commercial product and service (Check with Dunn and Bradstreet), I think not? Perhaps we have enough curious minds here to do some research? I certainly hope so.
The curtains are coming off of a great deal of lies we have been fed all our lives. The truth IS out there for those who seek it. DON’T just seek it, but spread it freely and LIVE your life by it! It was impossible to teach others that there was no law requiring the registration and licensing of a personal auto, while I had tags. Go figure? Law Enforcement applies the “Motor Vehicle Code” to everyone. All motor vehicles are automobiles, but not all automobiles are “motor vehicles”, only a jury can decide the use of an automobile.Personal autos are NOT motor vehicles.
Questions or helpful ideas? Send to: dallascounty@live (dot) com

YOUR servant for freedom, Clay Carey

Your point about the office

Your point about the office of President being a commercial product invokes state and federal statute. I think the case law regarding statutory rights of assembly is generally very liberal, as mentioned in the below reply to your comment.

There are many good sources of information


That's just one page with links, regarding the "right to assemble".

You can do searches on words and phrases, including: "core political speech" and "written time, place and manner rules" (both of these phrases are critical to understanding some of the basic, longheld law applicable in this instance. Core political speech: essentially, courts long have held that political speech is entitled to the most stringent protections---ie, without it the Republic cannot function as designed).

In this situation involving the Godiva/Paul Rally, many things about the CHP written policies and verbal statements have stood out and are in stark contrast to any reasonable interpretation of long held law.

For example, they claim the "right" to ban anything. It's THEIR decision.

Of course, that's ludicrous, as it is ludicrous that any state has any right.

Moreover, the particular grounds are in a public park (capitol park) and that space enjoys stringent protection as a public park.

They moved from outright refusal to "grant a permit" to saying they would but I'd missed the 10 day window of opportunity. That's an arbitrary and totally impermissible speech restriction...They don't NEED 10 days to review a one page application.

The application is impermissible in and of itself (for example, the US Capitol Police state this in their "written time place and manner" rules, available online---THEIR interpretation IS correct.

I pointed out that any abridgement of speech, to be permissible, must "leave open legitimate alternatives", like other areas.

Any restriction on speech MUST be in writing and it must be readily available. They cited bogus government codes. Law is not real just because it's sitting on the books, not if it conflicts with the law.

Sometimes, the bureaucrats just get it wrong; other times they count on you backing down...in short, often they know they are wrong and they know they can get away with it...and even if they don't get away with it, nothing happens to them, their wrongdoing goes unpunished, and they remain free and empowered to do it again, again and again.

THAT is why it's important to fight back. Saying NO is one of the most effective tools in the activist arsenal

Does CHP routinely ignore the Constitution?



SEC. 3. (a) The people have the right to instruct their
representatives, petition government for redress of grievances, and
assemble freely to consult for the common good.



They do.

Expressive activities enjoy many protections under California law.

Generally, California is considered to have some of the most stringent protections in the land.

However, cops are cops. All it takes is one bad one to chuck things out the window.


FREEDOM ! FIGHT for it !

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Sigh, you shouldn't have to

Sigh... you shouldn't have to purchase permission from the government to peaceably assemble.

Of course; and I've been thru this kind of nonsense before

Far too many times,and I've been jailed for it, many times.

The reality is they just don't bleepin' care.

They've got their fat paychecks, pensions and all the rest and that's what's important. We must pay for the bullets in their guns.

The day I first contacted them, I was told they'd be out of the office most or all of the day for a memorial service. That was an event, on the capitol grounds to "honor fallen members over the years", NOT for a specific member just fallen, not a funeral, JUST A DAMNED PAID DAY OFF TO PARTY.

That was 10 days before the event.

The next day, when I went down in person, the guy was locking the office at about 10:30 am as I arrived. He told me he didn't know if or when he'd be back and that I then had missed the 10 day advance notice requirement anyway (see, it was now 9 days out).

Been fighting with 'em ever since.


It happens sometimes. Some bureaucrats are as nice as can be...others are bleepin' so and so's.

Not all that different than folks in all walks of life, except too many of these wear badges and guns.

Thank you and God bless you.

Thank you and God bless you.

Unlike the troops you actually are fighting for our freedom!

Whether the wars are “just

Whether the wars are “just and Righteous” or Fraud and for money, they have been and always will be “over there”. The young men and woman that are fighting them would bust your knee cap and rightly so for your comment. They put their lives on the line for fools like us each and every day. What have “we” done for them? They have very little to say about the corruption in their government, in fact, I think they are prohibited from speaking against the government? (Perhaps a retired military person could chime in here?) I thank God and them for their service to our countries. Shame on you for thinking so little of them.

YOUR servant for freedom, Clay Carey

I'm afraid you missed his

I'm afraid you missed his point. That our troops are shedding their blood is self-evident and undeniable. But whether their sacrifices are directed to securing the rights and liberties of the American people is not. I see no disrespect in the original comment.

Criticizing unjust principles underlying military deployment is in no way inconsistent with cherishing our service members. In fact, the former is a necessary component of the latter. I suggest, rather, that every American undermines the efforts of our servicemen when we hold our tongues toward unjust purposes to which they are directed.

Read this and maybe you'll

Read this and maybe you'll understand what I was trying to say:


I would seriously like to hear your opinion if you get the chance.

I am well versed in “War is a

I am well versed in “War is a Racket”. I was not condoning the use of or manner of use of our troops. I believe I made that clear in the first sentence. What I will not condone is the heaping of shame on them (any trooper in any force) for being willing to shed their blood for their belief. From the trooper pealing spuds with a knife to the man/woman on the front line in a combat zone, they are all giving their blood and some their lives for us. Of course when it comes down to ‘them or us’, I agree with what Truman said, “Let them S.O.B.’s die”. I do not condone war. While mankind is in charge it is a given. I will show nothing less than full support of our troops (of course the ultimate of this would be to bring them home) wherever they might be. I will not take them for granted. I have to many sons in combat zones right now.

Nobody heaped shame on

Nobody heaped shame on anybody and if you'd like to make good your little threat about my kneecaps I live in Texas City TX and you can PM me if you're in the neighborhood.

Edit: double post

Edit: double post


Good for you brother.. Us folks like to bitch about the system, even though you know the deal..

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

as long

as you aren't obstructing traffic there is no need for a permit.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

I know

Courts consider this "permit" and many factors involved in the CHP interpretation of it to be "impermissible".

I fully understand that, like I've said in another comment in this thread, I've litigated these issues extensively, over many years.

The reality is they don't care; they do what they want.

I'm faced with one obstruction after another in this particular instance, and it's been quite a hassle.

Most people, understandably, back off when confronted with this nonsense.

I don't like to do that.

I'm glad to hear from someone who understands. Believe me, I've been dealing with folks who don't understand for a week now.

As for your comment about "as long as you are not blocking traffic" that's correct, and it's normally referred to as "not blocking ingress or egress". One of the bizarre aspects of this particular situation is we are marching to the historic steps of the North Side, where the doors long have been sealed shut, permanently. So, of course, we were going to be an obstruction there too. LOL

+ 1


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