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Time for the negative supporters to go out and get some double sided tape!

Make sure to remove the backing and wrap securely around your ankles, so the ants cant get to your candy asses! I have been a supporter of Ron Paul and a defender of Liberty for far to long to even click on a link with negative connotations, and the reason is a simple one. I trust Ron Paul and the decisions he makes, period. All the attacks on Benton, all of the self pity over the last couple of days is weak to say the least, as someone said the other day it is time to slip on your big girl panty's and get into the game. The attackers of Benton have zero clue as to what political strategy or angle he is working so for those calling for his resignation, shut up. For those that are attacking Dr. Paul for making his announcement, shut up, it is time for the newbies to put on their extra skin and understand that all moves are political and if you do not understand that then keep your negative crap to yourselves. I may be a big old country boy, but I have lived through enough campaigns to know you cant count your chicken until they have hatched, and there are a bunch of lowly egg counters here. Benton might have made a mistake, or perhaps he has baited the trap, and the reality is no one outside of the campaign knows what is happening in reality. If we go to Tampa and loose, Benton bows to the establishment, and disses our delegates at that point you may have a right to cry foul, but until then stop your whining as the call to Liberty and supporting of Dr., Paul come first and foremost, or you have no place here. While everyone has a right to form their own opinion everything I have read that is negative is a larger conspiracy than 9/11, because you do not know what the campaign is planning. In reality do you think it would be prudent for Dr. Paul to call for madness at the convention? Would it score him points in a national election to announce his intent for our delegates to go rouge? (sorry Sarah) Fact is if Benton made a mistake in what he said it is not the end of the world, but all you nay sayers and dooms dayers will look pretty silly if this is part of the plan. My advice is to take a chill pill, work as hard as you can to advocate for Dr. Paul, and get your nose out of the campaigns business for you are not a part of the inside strategy. I haven't posted for a while, but the last two days take the cake and those that have gone negative should be ashamed, for if you stand against us now, then perhaps you truly never belonged.

I will say that everyone is free to form their own opinion, but when you come here to whine, how about posting to off topic? That way your whining will be in the correct place and not on the main page of the DP where our goal is to get Dr. Paul elected. Benton was assigned his position, not you, so if you think you can do better then work towards forming a campaign of your own, just stop attacking people whose motives are completely unknown to you. Politics is a nasty game, we have come a million miles from 2007, so focus on getting Dr. Paul in the White House and if we fail we fail together, but we also stick together as we move forward rejecting the abuses of the constitution by the elite. When you reject their tyranny at every turn pretty soon they will be powerless against you. I hear the crys of "I cannot support the NDAA, the patriot act, blah blah blah", but none of those crying have yet to be effected by these illegal and unlawful laws passed by treasonous desperate individuals. Grow a pair, get behind Dr. Paul and all his campaign staff through any and all mistakes, and let it be known that we will not go away, we will not fade into the night, and then and only then as one will we stand against those that look to destroy us from the inside. It is time to make a choice, the liberty movement as a whole or your self importance, as there is only room to choose one, and I for one will stand by Dr. Paul, Jesse Benton, Doug, and all the others until they lay me in the ground, what say you?

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Isn't it funny how things get back to normal so fast!

I love you guys!

Thank god!!!

I though i lost my safe zone (Daily paul)but its comin back!!