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Support Rick Williams for U.S. Senate!

Right now in California a Ron Paul supporting Liberty candidate is running to replace Dianne Feinstein as U.S. Senator of California. He is currently polling among the leaders. A California Survey of 500 Likely Voters Conducted on May 9, 2012 by Pulse Opinion Research revealed this:

3% Republican businessman Al Ramirez

2% Republican Educator, Author and Businessman Nachum Shifren

3% Democratic Consumer Attorney Mike Strimling

6% Republican Business Attorney Rick Williams

6% Republican Businesswomen and Non-Profit Executive Elizabeth Emken

5% Some other candidate

17% Not sure

Business Attorney Rick Williams is the only qualified candidate to be California's next senator. On the issues he supports Ending the Fed, Cutting the federal budget by $1 Trillion in his first year in office, Stopping the U.S Policing of the world, Restoring and Protecting our Civil Liberties, Respecting the Constitution, and the Vision of our Founding Fathers.

This man needs us, DPers and Liberty Lovers to support him. Even if you're out of state you can help. One very simple and easy way is to LIKE his Facebook page which only has 200+ likes at the moment. Let's try to get that to 100,000 likes! :) Let's do all we can to help Rick Williams. Our senate needs more men and women like him!
LIKE his Facebook page now - http://www.facebook.com/RickWilliamsforSenate
Also check out his website - http://rickwilliamsforsenate.com

For liberty! Rick Williams 2012!

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that will be a very hard state for a republican to win, he better be socially liberal, vow to protect entitlements and appeal to Hispanics to win.

I voted for him on my

I voted for him on my absentee ballot last week.

Rick Williams on The Fed:

Stop the Counterfeiters! End the Fed!

In lawyer terms, the phony money that the Fed paid to acquire its $2 trillion of treasury bond holdings does not constitute "legal consideration" for the QE bond purchases. When a common counterfeiter passes bad money in exchange for debt, he's committing a crime; and there's certainly no legal duty to pay him back! The same is true for the Fed. Its $2 trillion in treasury bonds should be repudiated, and its chairman and senior officers escorted to the nearest prison. Rule of law and simple justice require this-- and when I'm elected to the United States Senate I won't rest until exactly this outcome comes to pass.


God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. – Daniel Webster

How did this never get

to the front page?

This Man is Legitimate!

This is the right man for the job, I've interviewed him myself! Listen to the interview here:

...and share this video with everyone you can!

I've had multiple private conversations with Rick Williams above and beyond this interview and I can tell you from first hand experience, he, like Ron Paul, is a man we need in Washington.

Rick Williams for Senate 2012!


We been leaning more towards Elizabeth Emken in hopes of beating traitor Feinstein but I'll look into Rick Williams some more. I'm weary of Attorneys since many lie for a living. Thanks for the information.

For Liberty! http://youtu.be/GR4WYqabTxU
What If? http://youtu.be/FqAF-Alc7CM
Armed Chinese Troops in Texas! http://youtu.be/XKfuS6gfxPY

Emken is the establishment pick

Rick Williams is backed by the RLC/ Ron Paul people here.

Thanks for this!

Thank you for this post. I have got a few extra votes for this guy. We really need to unseat Dianne Feinstein! Go Ron Paul Revolution!

uhhh... Attorney...

Please read Article 1 section 9 of the constitution. Last clause.

Was he knighted?

...please enlighten dear sir.

Slate Mailer

Rick is on our slate mailer being mailed out to likely Republican voters in the 66th Assembly District. Plus we'll have more to hand to voters.

Already donated to him

Not much, just $25, but it's a start.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

I already push his name

When I'm tabling out here in California. I also promote Jenny
Worman, running for congress in the 28th CD:


Also, I push myself and the other central committee candidates. If you're in LA county and you don't know what your liberty slate is, go to


And ask someone.

I've done my research to make

I've done my research to make sure I vote for Liberty candidates and I will be voting for Rick Williams on June 5th!

Let's pluck..


I'm voting for Rick Williams

I'm voting for Rick Williams and I'm getting both my parents and grandparents to vote for him as well!


I would love to see a thread

I would love to see a thread posted of the Constitutional candidates running through out the U.S.. Than, we can try help those candidates in their states win.


This is the kind of Rick I like!!!!





Rick Williams for Senate!!!!


June 5th folks is the CA primary! Vote for Rick Williams and Ron Paul!! I hope everyone pitches in a bit to his campaign!