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Just my thought on the recent mixed messages and confusion.

I'm not going to try to speculate in this thread. There are already a thousand speculations abound, and I doubt the Mods need another. There is such a thing as one too many...

However, I do want to remind everyone of something that they may be overlooking.

Mitt Romney is an insider when it comes to financial transactions and investments.

Ron Paul is an insider when it comes to matters of politics, monetary policy, law, military doings, and statistical reporting, among other things as senior member of Congress. That also includes being privy to inside information relating to GOP agendas as a function of controlling the House - even though he's an outsider RNC-wise.

Understand that like Bachmann, Paul has to be very careful what he talks about - AND how much talks about that which he can talk about.

This will always be a limiting factor in his campaign communications and speeches - and will always be accentuated at times after meetings with the likes of Bernanke, Boehner, Reid, etc.

It also adds difficulty to those responsible for running his campaign when there's a need to inform altogether on the same page in a clear and consistent manner.

...hence why Doug Wead may have said what he said today.

I'll admit, I too am trying to figure out what is really going on...


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