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German Liberty: The DE Pirate Party Continues To Grow

In reading the latest news coming out of Germany, where the conservative government currently in power is experiencing massive setbacks as the citizens react to the continued economic climate and the Chancellor Merkel’s handling of the situation, I noticed a very interesting new party that is gaining seats and notoriety: The Pirate Party. In the past week, several mainstream and substream new outlets have covered this group’s latest success, which took 8% of the vote in Germany’s largest state (Schleswig-Holstein in the North of Germany) in the last local election, earning the party its fourth straight coup in getting its members into local parliaments.

The Pirate Party was established originally in Sweden, where it has two representatives in that country’s government. However it has taken on a life of its own in Germany, where young voters and technologically savvy citizens have gravitated towards it. The Pirate Party was originally formed as a protest against the strict piracy copyright laws, however, as the group gained popularity it broadened its views to encompass many other aspects of internet freedom as well as transparency in government. We have written several articles in opposition to SOPA, PIPA and CISPA, so it’s fairly clear where we stand on the issue of internet privacy and our opposition to data retention policies and policing of web data by government. The Pirate Party shares this opposition to rampant government intrusions into private data. The party also objects to the existence of the surveillance state, which has continued to grow at an alarming rate since 9/11 here in the US and internationally. Additionally, the Pirate Party has full government transparency as one of its core ideals, and is pushing for a full open system where any citizen can log into a state server for electronic inspection and monitoring of government operations.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the aspects of the party platform that could possibly cause division from the Pirate Party and Libertarians..

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Certainly, many coalitions could be formed between a US Pirates Party and libertarians.

Sounds like

They are generally pro-liberty...ish. hey we'll take what we can get from socialist Germany though!

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