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Disenfranchised Establishment Voters

Some here, mainly trolls, have said that if Paul was nominated at the National Convention, it would "disenfranchise" ALL the people that voted for Romney due to him winning the popular vote. That these "Romney" supporters would turn on Paul and write Romney in or refuse to vote altogether, and that this would be a huge chaotic mess, with Paul losing to Obama and maybe a write-in Romney. Well, they're ignorant.

First off, in West Virginia, 40% of Democratic voters voted for a convicted felon instead of Obama, when asked why, they had no idea. So voters are mostly not very knowledgeable. 20% of early voters probably don't even remember who they voted for because there was a new leader every week! Every week I am involved in politics, the more astounded I am at the ignorance of the voters.

Secondly, most Republicans have actually voted AGAINST Romney.

Thirdly, less then 10% of registered Republicans even bother voting in the primary, most only vote in the general election. This alone leaves 90% of Republicans that are fine voting for anybody their party picks. Of the 10% that did bother to vote HALF are against Romney, at least half of these (2.5%) would support Paul simply because he is not Romney. Out of the half that did vote for Romney, at least half of them are "Anybody but Obama" people that would gladly support Paul if he were the nominee. That gives Paul, conservatively, 95% of Republicans! When added to the 60% to 75% of independents and 10% to 20%+ of Democrats, Paul would WIN in a landslide. There's no way around that fact.

So don't let people tell you that IF Paul were nominated from the floor and awarded the nomination by the delegates against the popular vote that he would lose, it just ain't so.

P.S. I'll never give up on the Revolution, but I will give up on our bid for the presidency, but only on the day the next president is sworn in, not a day before that! Join me!

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There is a vitriol towards Obama in the GOP

Only people falling off the gravy train will vote for Obama.

ROMNEY,GOP Disenfranchise Voters

...That is the real story.
From the 2010 "TEA PARTY ELECTIONS" to the BLUNDERS by BOEHNER, it is the GOP who have disenfranchised voters.
The "Freshman" Tea Party Congressman caved on the first sign of resistance and became a Vichy Government body....turncoats who ran away from battle.

WE ride to the sound of the guns....the GOP retreats and plots:

'Nuff said?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

This will come up at some

This will come up at some point.



With all the blatant ballot stuffing

I doubt very seriously that rombama won any of the states they're claiming. He's like obomney, I don't know one person that will vote for rombama so where are the votes coming from? Just like in AZ where they caught the romney delegates stuffing up to 8 ballots in the box at a time, told the attendant and they did nothing.
This is bad. They are going to fraud the election you know if we don't stop them.