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We Must Defeat the Evil Communists

If you support a Central Bank, income tax, property tax, national education system or state sponsored media, then you are an evil communist. Since 99% of politicians support central banks and income tax, they are evil communists. Or they are just stupid and controlled by evil communists.

Either way, we must continue to SURGE through and undermine the evil efforts of the evil communists at the national, state, county, and municipal levels.


You owe it to your country as Americans, and to your own countries if you are not American citizens.


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Time to realize that

communism is only one of the many snakes that grows from the Medusa head of the UN. Snake communism is joined by snakes, Republican, Democrat, Socialist,Left wing, Right wing, NATO, Big Terrorism, Big Banking, Big Law, Big everything else?
To kill the communist snake, the neck of the UN must be severed.

ironic that you use

FORWARD the classic commie rallying cry a couple of times. Was that on purpose? I hope so.

"Evil Communists"

is redundant.

McCarthy was right- there was a Communist behind every tree...

true read the pdf None Dare

true read the pdf None Dare Call it Conspiracy available here for download for free http://tinyurl.com/7ppw7g6

The code word for communism is "socialism" which is all warm and fuzzy. Remember, socialism was started for the RICH. Tell THAT to the poor people.

this was the first conspiracy book

no one has a right to your lablor or property and that's income tax and property tax. Remember to always fight the evil communists.

I agree with everything you're saying-

We're witnessing a global battle between Collectivists (supported by the true brokers of power who don't give a damn about people in groups or otherwise) and Individuals.

Nothing wrong (and a whole lot right) with groups as long as they're VOLUNTARY. But, if Individuals don't learn quickly how to assemble effectively for their common cause, the Collectivists are going to win. They're not at all reluctant to use FORCE to promote their agenda and that's a tough-one to fight "peacefully".

McCarthyism will return.

McCarthyism will return. Socialism must be re-branded as evil.