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Bob Goodlatte Rep for Congress = SOPA, CISPA, and Death to the Internet as we know it. Hell NO!

All Ron Paul people need to get behind Karen K! This woman rocks! She knows her stuff. Yes, She is a big time Ron Paul supporter since 2007!

For those of you who care about the Bill of Rights, and Internet freedom, and government overreach, those are just 3 reasons to retire Bob Goodlatte among many....

— We've got our chance to kick him out June 12th!

Its a Virginia race, but we must come together around her from all across the country. Sign up and offer your help!


Yep, thats right, a republican Ron Pauler against a Republican who teams up with democrat Debbie Wassermann Schultz!

Listen in: http://karenkforcongress.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/CISP...

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listen to our short radio ad on SOPA and CISPA here


It's kind of fun!

Karen Kwiatkowski
"Less Government, More Prosperity"