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Anonymous donates 40,000 car stickers for matching funds of only $2500

(Note: would put bumper sticker, but the edit doesn't allow it and erases it)

Another first by LibertyUSA PAC, Ron Paul's message can now be put on tens of thousands of cars for less than HALF the cost of printing. This is part of the California and Texas is UP drive. At this price they can also be put on your shirt as a powerful advertisement.

This is dedicated to those tireless souls in Oklahoma and Arizona, who fought so hard for real liberty in our country. Let's help them win their neighboring states.

Use these powerful bumper stickers to take the revolution to the max. Make sure everyone sees Ron Paul before the Texas & California primaries (and other primaries as well). Let's put Dr. Paul's name on every highway and freeway--every street--in these states.

Anonymous has purchased 40,000 bumper stickers to help us get the word out. $2500 mails them out to the grassroots. 1500 already sent out to Montana. Let's match the funds quickly, so we can get these bumper stickers out there.

As as bonus added to the mailings there are available:

Click this link to donate: http://www.libertyusapac.org/about_donations.html

Join this with the Super Brochure mailing for California: http://www.libertyusapac.org/index.html

Everyone, list your addresses and desires immediately, so we can get these mailed out. Money is coming in, so mailings are available immediately.


Dr. K.


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the opponents plan to destroy Ron Paul shows in the moneybomb!

how could people be brain washed so quick !

Go Ron Paul 2012 !

People with no spines.

People with no spines.

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

Freeway Message Bomb....

...for 6 cents. I like that!


+ brochure(s) (thumbs up!)