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Tonight 7 est on Ron Paul Radio What Ben Swann didn't tell you about Rule #38

Tonight on the Comedy Caucus, Dr. Steve Parent breaks down Rule #38. Call in and listen live. www.ronpaulradio.com

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People. Please listen!

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I don't understand

Why not just post what he didn't say. The sooner we know everything, if there is anything ... the better. Other things can pop up regarding this matter before your show and you might have to backtrack. This just sounds like a hit piece against Ben Swann and we have to wait.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

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So far

The general message has been that "bound" and "unbound" are a bit more complicated than it seems, and people need to go to the specific By-Laws of relevance for info. Also, election laws do not apply to Party proceedings because they are run by private organizations.

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Really an interesting

Really an interesting discussion and one I am following closely. We are really moving into uncharted territory this time with our delegate strategy and the resistance that it is encountering from the establishment and the media.

Tonight on Ronpaulradio, we

Tonight on Ronpaulradio, we will discuss what Ben Swann didn't tell you about bound and unbound delegates