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Something Very Unforeseen - A defense of Jesse Benton

‎"Unfortunately, barring something very unforeseen, our delegate total will not be strong enough to win the nomination" - Ron Paul Campaign Chairman, Jesse Benton

Seventeen words was apparently all it took to make quite a few Ron Paul supporters crazy. More than one call for Benton's head was uttered on Facebook and elsewhere but very little analysis of what Benton actually said has been conducted. Here's to a bit of analysis and hopefully calming of nerves.

The timing of this statement was undoubtedly poor given Ron Paul's recent "suspension" of his beauty pageant operation - which would consist of spending millions to woo regular primary sheep who think that they are actually influential in party politics.

In point of fact however, the beauty pageants mean nothing as we've seen so far. In fact, Romney, the media's presumed GOP nominee has yet to win a single state delegation-selecting convention other than North Dakota and Ron Paul has won the rest. Oklahoma is still being contested but in all likelihood, will be Ron Paul's to claim since the convention was improperly adjourned and the die-hard participants, including fair-minded Romney supporters stayed to finish the convention correctly and by the rules. In. The. Parking. Lot.

So we know that Ron Paul did not suspend his campaign.

There were some eight hundred accompanying words to the seventeen that made everyone crazy in Benton's statement, but clearly nobody paid attention to those and instead focused on the sentence that made it seem as if the nomination was being conceded.

This isn't the case. In fact, I would suggest to you that Jesse's seventeen words were totally correct. Barring something very unforeseen, Ron Paul's delegate total will not be strong enough to win the nomination. Duh. My dad's not a phone.

But, if you were to look at what has been accomplished so far with an objective eye, wouldn't you say that what has happened so far is something "very unforeseen?" Certainly by Romney campaigners, GOP establishment types and the media it is.

Think about it. If we manage to pull in Oklahoma, we've dominated 13 state's primary delegate selection processes so far. Not all states have had their final conventions. But in the contests leading up to the state conventions and in some of the final conventions themselves, Ron Paul supporters have completely overturned the old guard and have taken control of the GOP at the highest levels including state party chairman positions in at least 3 of those states. And there are more to come. Without. Any. Media. Coverage.

Do you really think that this was foreseen? Do you also think that this is some small feat that will have no affect on the political landscape in those states? Let that sink in for a moment.

Those Ron Paul supporters who will jump ship over this "gaffe" weren't involved. I haven't seen a single winner of a delegate spot jump ship. Only those who view themselves as capable of running the national campaign better (than anyone apparently) are preaching gloom and doom and making proclamations of "off with his head."

They are more suited to running politics in the Wonderland than in real life however. It is ironic that the majority of political "experts" are not also delegates. Maybe the word coincidence is more apropos. At any rate, the delegate selection process isn't even half-way decided. Two of the biggest states to be decided are Texas and California. And in Texas, an open primary state, Democrats who are disgusted with a "peace" president who has renegged on every significant promise are eligible to cross party lines and support Ron Paul.

Between California and Texas, we're talking almost 400 delegates. If Ron Paul doesn't win the beauty contest, he could still help us win party control. This is what happened in 1980 by the way when Reagan devotees completely dominated the state parties and got their man the nomination and changed GOP politics for the next 2 decades.

And so, Ron Paul supporters, please stop reading more into seventeen words than is there to be read. This fight continues and the prize is the same. You've been challenged to create something "very unforeseen", not challenged to whine and give up the most historic political battle you've ever witnessed.

Either be a part of history or step aside but please stop trying to discourage everyone else because you've decided to put on a long face. Long faces are for horses.

Lastly, what Ron Paul did say was that his focus would be to aid his supporters by speaking at the state conventions. He's scheduled to speak at the Minnesota and Texas state conventions with more to be announced. In Nevada, where he spoke to what was in 2008 a very contentious and jealous establishment crowd, his presence calmed the convention attendees and he walked a way with a staggering eighty-plus percent of the delegates in a state where he lost the beauty contest.

Consider what might have happened had he been a speaker at the Oklahoma convention. If that doesn't give you a better perspective, then you may need to take a few more deep breaths. It will come to you. Certainly what won't happen is that the delegates in states still-to-hold conventions are going to cry in their pillows and stay home. This fight hasn't even begun to take shape though the media has already called it for Romney.

Let them call it. And then let us party in Tampa. And later in November.

Oh by the way.....has anyone seen any Tea Party people at the conventions?

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Very interesting

Making this announcement gave the media an accuse to jump on the RP quits band wagon. Well they were saying that months ago.

Did it let the wind out of the momentum of the grass roots movement? maybe, but it was more like a tiny fart if you ask me.

Was the RP campaign smart enough to count on the fact that the grass roots would never lay down and quit. We were to educated in the process and dedicated to the man and the movement. Were they counting on us to see through this stealth chess move.

If any of you play chess, have you ever seen your opponent take out your Bishops, Rooks, Knights, and Queen to find themselves in a checkmate by a few little pawns that they underestimated?

Just ponder that for a minute.

"Something Unforeseen" Like a

"Something Unforeseen" Like a stealth midnight tsunami, a wave of seemingly bound delegates break their invisible bonds chaining them to Mitt Romney and rise in unison for liberty and freedom to vote for RON PAUL!

Unforeseen....something not seen before....The establishment wont know what hit them. We are sending a Ron Paul tsunami

Jesse Benton doesn't need you

Jesse Benton doesn't need you to defend him for relaying Ron Paul's message to his supporters.

I didn't do it for Jesse

I did it to try and stem the tide of naysaying and gloomy accusations.

Exactly and then some....

First thing, we must see the forest through the trees. Warning: It's about to get a little hokie for some and perhaps piss off a few GOP haters but bare with me please.


Our founding fathers created the constitution on the basis of protecting liberty by keeping government limited and the people powerful. Ron Paul message resinates with this idea, in turn has resinated with us, and coincides the GOP's limited government ideology (concept infancy was well over 200 years ago). Over time the RINOs have infilterated it to the point of being almost unrecognizable of what is once stood for. Our most successful vice to promote and conserve the constitution and defend the people's freedoms was taken right beneath us. As it stands the current GOP establishment would never nominate a liberty candidate. They don't represent the ideology (yet). We must regain our helm first--NOT with outright force but with enlightenment and compromise. From there we can elect the most qualified representive to promote and defend the liberty message; Dr. Ron Paul.


I believe Jesse's words were chosen wisely to defuse the opposition. It was risky but remember--Force doesn't work and only creates blowback and we are getting some hanious blowback. However, force should not be confused with perserverance-- it is what got those delegates this far and the campaign intends to strenghthen it.

"Governor Romney is now within 200 delegates of securing the party’s nod"

The [NeoGOP]PARTY's nod. We all know the current PARTY system goes by projected bound delegates to the sum of 1145 to be nominated BEFORE going to the RNC. It's still an unofficial nomination until then.

With the remaining primaries Ron Paul cannot get the PARTY's nod before the RNC unless, "barring something very unforeseen" ie...if he won the remaining bound delegate projections outright or if Romney drops out. We do not foresee either of these.

"However, our delegates can still make a major impact at the National Convention and beyond."

Ron Paul is utilizing the delegate route and the fruiton of this strategy won't be seen until delegates convene at the RNC. From there they'll confirm the RNC rules(violations of the rules), platform changes (this is where the skillset "enlighten and compromise" comes in), and then vote for their candidate according to those rules and platform.

As I explained the before, the platform MUST change to make it possible for Ron Paul or any future Liberty-minded candidate to ever clinch RNC's nomination, who is the OFFICIAL nominee, to go onto the general elections.

Thank you

There has been way too much cognative dissonance lately.

Good reasoning...

Thanks for your perspective. I think far too many here have gotten side-tracked with a short-term view of things. Teams don't forfeit the game at half-time because they're down. In fact, it's nobody game to call at that point! Heck no! Teams go out on the field and give it their ALL in the second half, doing whatever they do best - whether that be carrying out a great running game, or executing a mean blitz defense. The game ain't over 'til it's over!

So let's stop listening to the trash talk and keep on gaining delegates and taking over the GOP - all the way to Tampa! This is what this revolution is good at and we can do it!

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

Great Piece!

Rope a Dope

Rope a Dope,Rope a Dope,Rope a Dope,Rope a Dope get it?

Your analysis doesn't take into account Doug Wead's statement.

"We recognize the fact that Mitt Romney will be the ultimate nominee. That was kind of decided when Rick Santorum bowed out." ~Doug Wead

There is nothing tricky about those words. This statement, in addition to Jesse Benton's, paint a less than optimistic picture of the campaign's feelings.

they know what the PTB want--

the PTB have spoken. But the American people are waking up--

and . . . haven't spoken enough yet. But will, I believe. Will it be in time to keep America as it is? No, but it may be in time to get America to a better place.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Of course it does. Its

Of course it does. Its called a bluff. Doug Weed and Benton have made the day for thousands of idiot neocons who smugly believe they've won some sort of victory. Now that Ron Paul has dropped, Romney is safe, the banks are safe. They can save their money and not have to bother showing up to expensive and lengthy conventions, content that all those evil boogie men and their women and children will continue getting bombs dropped on their families a world away so neocons they can feel safe while TSA goons feel up their wives.

Let them be smug. They won't be so smug when Romney gets wiped out at the convention by all the Paul supporters who they thought had dropped out.


Keep Romney fat and happy, thinking he's won, until he walks into the kill zone: Tampa!

Only Paul is the Rope and Romney is the Dope


Go Paul Go!

Ah, the sweet feel of "sunshine up my skirt."

Where is my last post? The one where I pointed out that only 2 incumbents were ousted in Idaho, one of them being a leader of the Ron Paul POLITICAL faction who alienated all the true liberty lovers?

"Just two incumbents were defeated in conventional re-election bids: Rep. Phil Hart, the GOP tax scofflaw in North Idaho, lost to business-backed Ed Morse; and GOP Rep. Jim Marriott of Blackfoot was beaten from the center by school board member Julie Van Orden, who won with 62 percent."


Hiding from facts does not change them. Delete it again, I don't care.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Excellent Analysis!

I can't believe I didn't catch that, although I have been pushing the "possum" idea with my fellows and that this might be done to disengage Romneyites. Excellent work.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

What you saw play out Rick, was... the lone seventeen words...?

What you saw play out Rick, those lonely seventeen words... ?

Have you ever read 'The Charge of the Light Brigade', by Alfred Lord Tennyson?

Those lonely seventeen words were the only words out of all that Jesse, or you, or anyone else has verbalized, which would never have been spoken to the warriors of the 'Light Brigade'!

All our fight to gain, yes the White House first of all, of course is but a prequel to all that true liberty requires of us! No RP patriot ever thought less of his fight. It goes without saying!

Notwithstanding, true Ron Paul patriots have learned to focus on the prize most coveted by liberty, for it is the prize most coveted by tyranny! All that is of feudalism, Lords and serfs, princes and paupers, slavery or freedom, Fed or it's euthanasia, rests in this fight, at this moment in time! All else follows!

Back to point focus Ron Paul patriots. The best catharsis for freedom and liberty is all battles in their natural order!

I already pointed out that the 800 + other words

have been completely ignored even though they said we'd stay in the fight all the way to Tampa. You've seen what they're doing to try and keep us from accomplishing things including completely cut Nevada out of the picture.

Focusing on those 17 were not expected from RP's faithful. They were said for Romney's team to focus upon. RP's followers should be giving Jesse and Ron Paul (WHO APPROVED THE MESSAGE) the benefit of the doubt. Instead a bunch of armchair political "experts" are calling the whole thing off.


"Oh by the way.....has anyone seen any Tea Party people at the conventions?"

Sure. Lots of them. Most support Romney and Santorum. Some tea party, when they take the side of George III, huh?

In my local caucus this year Paul supporters were 6 times what they were in 2008, where we were outnumbered 2 to 1.

But this year the establishment participants numbered over 12 times what they were in 2008. The establishment participants were mostly Santorum and Romney supporters, about evenly split between the two.

The "Tea Party", which started with Ron Paul in Dec 2007, has been totally co-opted, they are still here and they are the establishment's main weapon against us, because they are too dense to understand that the real tea party is against big government. Instead they think that all of our problems began with Obama.

The "Tea Party" - working hard in the name of the Constitution - to destroy the Constitution.

I was

referring to the fact that they've been a non-starter in the real process of getting candidates out there and elected.


Voter turn out will be very, very low.

Contact everyone you know in California and make sure they register Republican.

Adopt a Congressional District - top vote getter gets to name 3 delegates in each one.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

You STILL don't get it.

The problem is that the PR from the campaign on Mon and Tues cut the legs off the literally thousands of state delegates who slogged it out the entire time to get to the state convention: nights, weekends, meeting after meeting, ignomy, vote after vote, flyer after flyer, month after month, dollar after dollar.

It's hard enough to win at convention, though it is possible if you do your job right.

But when the chairman or the party knows more than you do about your OWN faction or has another baseball bat to use against you, provided to them by your OWN campaign, it makes it 1000 times harder.

It was disrespectful to those thousands of silent supporters who did what the campaign asked in the most respectful and diligent manner and who contributed, likely, more time and $ of their own beyond contributions to the campaign than anyone else in order to stick it out and attend their state conventions.

THAT was the problem with it. The best support the campaign could have given to them was NONE. Say nothing. Let the conventions happen.

Calls for civility? Fine. Scale back expenditures? Fine. Do whatever horsetrading they have to do? Fine.


Let our people do the jobs they know how to do. The PRs over the last two days cut the legs out from those people still marching to convention and was incredibly insensitive. Additionally, they were completely contrary to the "delegate strategy" which strategy was created by, belongs to and is being executed by those VERY PEOPLE the press releases cut the legs out from under.

Is is customary

It is customary for the candidate himself to give the concession speech, not the campaign chairman. And why concede at all and then not end the campaign, and then ask for money!?! The idea that this is supposed to fool the highly paid and experienced professional strategists of the Romney campaign is weak. If anything, it will excite the Romney delegates with the smell of blood on the water and make them more enthusiastic. I am not ready to believe the accusations of venality being brought against Benton and Wead, but would very much like an explanation for the behavior of the official campaign over the past two weeks. We grassroots Ron Paul supporters will continue to limp along through Tampa, but any good feelings we might have had about the paid leadership will not likely survive, nor can we expect any support from their end.

Well put.

I have no idea why anyone would vote your post down.

I get it

"The problem is that the PR from the campaign on Mon and Tues cut the legs off the literally thousands of state delegates who slogged it out the entire time to get to the state convention"

You are making it up out of whole cloth. This is your imagination, not reality. It's work to become a delegate. Ron Paul's delegates are not going to go way and they won't be endorsing Romney.

There was no disrespect in the words. Are you a delegate? What the campaign did was make the establishment think they don't have to come up with a special strategy (cheating) to deal with the delegates. On top of that, Paul has decided to start seeking speaking slots at the delegations to keep the media spotlight on what happens there and to calm PTB in those states.

You have no idea really what you're talking about and I don't mean this as an insult.

Is it true that only non-running candidates get to speak?

That would be an excellent reason to "suspend" a candidacy. I noticed that some local non-Paul GOPers where more open to hearing Paul at the convention, now that they no longer consider him a threat. Little do they realize his talk about "uniting the party" will be aimed at them and not us, right?

Yes I was a state delegate.

Again, you do NOT get it as you have little to no experience with state conventions. If you DID, then you'd understand.

You were a state delegate

and you realize how much power is being wielded now and you STILL have such a gloomy attitude? I don't believe you.

I wonder which "faction" here is voting my reply down?

Read the above original reply and take a guess.

Boo hoo. When you're done

Boo hoo. When you're done blubbering, go vote like the rest of us.

By the way... you're only butt-hurt if you can't recognise a simple but effective bluff.