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Does everyone have their head out their ass'es now? It is time to SPITE and SMITE them all!

Now is the time for us to make the next move. That move should be to take over EVERY CONVENTION between NOW AND AUGUST. My friends, the Marine Corps taught me to take no prisioners.

Internet SNIPERS should LOCK and Load. Screw with TPTB as much as possible. Screw with the media as much as possible. Be respectful with all, but show their ignorance and stupidity as much as possible. Show them that everyone loses with out RP. Delegates should slide in UNDERCOVER when necessary. This is OUR R3VOLution and Convention. It is MY R3VOLution!!

Claim it and LIVE IT!! Is it just MINE, or do you WANT... NEED... HAVE to live a piece of it. I will only give it up to the TRUE PATRIOTS! The rest of you chicken SH*T wannabe's can go peddle your horse crap elsewhere.

I am so tired of the LILLEY LIVERED COWARDS looking for Ron Paul and the Campaign to do it for them. Stand up Patriots. Trolls can be dismissed with a quick F you, and then ask them if their mother still wipes their ass. Let them know neither OBAMA nor Romney will win our country. Lie or Die, they are all Fuc*ed and FIRED!!! That is a guarantee from the TRUE GRASSROOTS of this R3VOLution.

You are either with us, or Agin' us! Quit POUTING and get to work patriots. Time is a'wastin.

Semper Fi.


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TX state delegate here.

Early voting has started and from Saturday til the 24th, I'll be outside polling locations in support of Ron Paul and liberty loving candidates in my area.

We must march forward in pursuit of what we know is right and true and inspired, in my case, from Ron Paul's steadfastness with regard to the Constitution!

We march for our liberty!

Love thy enemy.

I need my head up my ass for

I need my head up my ass for one more day. Then I'll remove it and get back to work. The suction makes it difficult to get out once it's up there.