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Lew Rockwell's take on the Paul delegates needing to behave

'RP Campaign Will Train Delegates To Behave Themselves'
Posted on May 16, 2012 by Lew Rockwell
These "behave yourself" admonitions are meant for the best, though the world didn't come to an end when the Goldwater delegates booed Nelson Rockefeller during his entire speech at the 1964 Republican convention.
But this is not 1964. That is the main reason Ron delegates must not look askance at the Ronmeyites and other official criminals at the Tampa convention: it will be a police-state hellhole, especially for anyone with libertarian sympathies. The swarming cops, SS, DHS, FBI, CIA, et al. will be looking for the chance to taser and cage Paulians. Trained agent provocateurs will seek to cause incidents.
So, given the high cost, the unpleasant atmosphere, and the disgusting crowning of King Willard, any LRC'er might want to let someone else go in your place. First, you have already spent a lot of money--not to speak of your heart and soul--and going to the convention will be very expensive. Second, the place will be full of the illegitimate rich lording it over you, arrogant types who made their fortunes through politics. A middle-class Paulian is dirt to these people. Third, the thousands (read more)