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Something does not Compute

Can anyone explain to me that if the goal was to try and get a brokered convention, then why did the RP campaign only run attack ads against Santorum and Gingrich?

We needed Santorum and Gingrich to split Romney's delegates but the campaign did everything possible to attack them and get them out of the race. Did they attack Romney? No, in fact, if anything, the campaign has mostly been sticking up for and supporting Romney.

Combined with what's happened in the last few days and I think it's clear that there really was a Paul / Romney alliance all along...

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Ever heard the saying

keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?
Remember, the Paul people are on the inside...we're not.

I don't agree

If you registered Republican,
got a seat on your Republican Central Committee,
became a delegate,

you would be very happy right now with Ron and the campaign.

If you have not done that, you were not paying attention, and you have lost your way

To find your way to the rEVOLution, you must register Republican,
get a seat on your local republican central committee, and become a delegate today.

The media has convinced you

The media has convinced you of this.

First, many Ron Paul ads aren't attack ads (ex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXCZVmQ74OA). I've always found it funny that people complain that he didn't run enough attack ads toward a specific candidate... aaanyway

Secondly, he HAS criticized Romney

Ron Paul Radio Ad against Mitt Romney:

Ron Paul TV Ads against Romney:

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Oh wow, they called Romney a

Oh wow, they called Romney a flip-flopper. That's really hard hitting...not.

Compare those Romney "attacks" to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47aEhfgX5vk

That's a real attack ad. The "attack" ads they ran against Romney were fluff pieces. In fact, most of the Romney "attacks" were like 3 second blurbs thrown into ads that were mostly attacking Gingrich and Santorum.

Good question BUT you must

Good question BUT you must understand that Romney has been groomed for the nomination the entire time...just like McCain was in 2008. Romney was doing great in 2008 and then out of nowhere, drops out of race. The same thing happen this time with Santorum. Are you seeing a pattern here? Your first attempt, YOU WILL NOT WIN. This is 90% pre-decided. Most Paulites are aware of this and so is Dr. Paul. Look at how much media/debate time Romney has gotten over the past 4 years. He's a media star. You can't compete with that. However, you can weed out the others begging for table scraps. RP was trying to get all those table scraps and hold out long enough to do something farily unprecedented in modern times...TO GO ALL THE WAY TO TAMPA and prove to the establishment that he can't be written off and that the GOP will die if they don't get back to their roots...which are the principals Ron Paul has been fighting for for years.

I don't think Ron Paul is sacrificing anything to work with Romney. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Romney who is the one coming to Dr. Paul. We know for a fact the Romney camp is worried. We have the upper hand.

So if Romney was the

So if Romney was the annointed one, again, why would the RP campaign attack Santorum and Gingrich when their delegates splitting Romney's delegate counts would have made a brokered convention so much easier. But nope, they dropped out and endorsed Romney, as expected, which does not help us at all.

We spent millions of millions of dollars on ads attacking people who would have dropped out anyway all the while ignoring the real competitor.

Because Romney

is his own walking attack ad, no investment required :)



Hahahahaha oh man, that was a good laugh.

Thanks for the joke of the day.

Dear Mr. 38 weeks, Dr. Paul

Dear Mr. 38 weeks,

Dr. Paul has not attacked Mitt Romney for one very simple, logical, and smart reason.

He wants to win over Romney's delegates at the RNC.

Thank you kindly,


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Why did you have to do that with the weeks?

Very condescending practice. 38 weeks is not short, anyway.

Why would Romney's delegates

Why would Romney's delegates come over to Ron Paul just because the campaign was nice to Romney? They are Romney's delegates for a reason, they support him. The only way you could change their mind is to ATTACK Romney and point out all his weak spots. The campaign failed to do that, and they did for a very specific reason. A reason for which, as Mr. Wead told us, we're not allowed to know and maybe we'll find out in 10 or 20 years.

You're engaging in some really wishful thinking if you think Romney's delegates are going to come flocking to use because the campaign said "please".

No logic at all in that argument.

you have good point..

Maybe he felt he didn't have to because newt and rick did it for him.. why waste money going after him when the opponents already were.. let newt and rick beat up mitt... let mitt beat them up .. and you beat rick and newt up from behind and no one is beating you up.. I think it was a more stealth strategy approach.. if you start with the big Guy you will lose all your energy like they did .. now would be a good time throw some punches ..

wait a minute, dude

nobody supports romney. sure, they are republicans and are told to vote for romney, but name one person with a fire in their belly for mittens. i doubt even mitt is excited about mitt.

So if nobody supports Romney

So if nobody supports Romney then why is he still in the race? Why hasn't all of his support come over to us?

Because Romney does have supporters and being nice to him isn't going to win them over.

There's a reason why the RP campaign never attacked Romney and it has nothing to do with winning over his delegates...

Yo MykillL

Its not working, Your trolling will not change the end goal of this MOVEMENT!

Ron Paul supporters will not supoprt Romney, Full Stop.

Romney = Obama = More of the Same.

So once again its Ron Paul or non at all.

worrying bout the wrong thang

Matey !

Keep your Friends

and the enemy closer? Would Ron leave his legacy by cozying up to Romster? Highly doubt it folks..

First they ignore you
Second they lock you out
Third they give you the keys in the dark
Fourth welcome to your new home

Here is to Trading Places 2012...

In Liberty,