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A Very Special Invitation To A Very Special Event

Everyone, please contact everyone you know and have them participate. Call them, facebook them. Don't waste time on anyone who would argue about Ron Paul. This is not the time to try to convince people, it's the time to request help and participation in something that's much bigger than all of us.

Posted To My Facebook event:

All, I love everyone of you and I hope and pray you will help me because I desperately need it right now.

I think most of you will agree that I have a pretty good head on my shoulders and that I also pay attention to current events and politics more then most. So I hope you will take that and trust me just this one time.

Tonight at 12AM begins the Ron Paul Money Bomb. I am pleading with you to go to www.RonPaul2012.com and donate anything you can. $5, $10, $100...whatever you can afford. Even if you don't pay attention to politics at all...trust me and be a part of something bigger than all of us. If we refuse to participate we will never find what we are looking for. We really do have the power we just need to use it together.

If you happen to owe me a few bucks for web development work, website hosting or domain name fees....please donate it at www.RonPaul2012.com and we'll call it even.

I know there are many who may not have paid much attention to Ron Paul. I can assure you there is something about Ron Paul that appeals to everyone. But now is not the time for convincing arguments. Please donate.

If you will forget to do it tomorrow just go do it right now.

If you are willing, please leave a message here letting me know your amount and that you chose to participate.

Thank you!