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It Ain’t Over Til We Say It’s Over Money Bomb

That should be the name of tomorrow’s Money Bomb.

Let’s not get hung up on whether we think this is too late in the game or not.

You need to donate at least $10 tomorrow.

What does $10 buy you these days anyway? A movie ticket? A drink or two that you’re just going to pee down the toilet? You are not going to miss $10 at all.

But, can you imagine what would happen if 1 million Ron Paul Supporters gave a minimum of $10? I’m pretty sure that would be the biggest money bomb ever. Or what if only 500,000 donated? That would be a $5 million day.

Let’s exceed expectations and piss off the establishment. Let them know we’re not going away. We decide when it’s over, and it ain’t over. I’d pay at least $10 just for that.

And besides, if Ron Paul is not out there defending liberty and the constitution, who will at this critical point? He is the right person, at the right time that can get the message out. He needs our help.

So help him help us get the message out for real change.

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