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☛ QUESTION about being an alternate delegate

I was wondering if there was a formal or customary process for appointing alternate delegates to regular delegates if someone doesn't show. If the establishment doesn't just appoint names they recognize to fill the empty slots (which I don't put past them) does anyone know if they just go down the list in order from who got in early to the convention and signed in first? I was wondering if trying to be the first one at the convention would have that as a benefit.

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Tactics to get moved up

Talk to the delegates in your county at the convention, especially the chair or people in the nominating committee. Just strike a conversation, get to know them... show your interest. Preferrably some type of good will rapport has been cultivated by attending some of the GOP meetings. But it is never too late, make friends with the county chair... you will have a very favorable chance to get moved up.

I don't know, but get there early

it wouldn't hurt.

oh yea, I was going to be

oh yea, I was going to be there early regardless.