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Romney Rally Attracts 200 Supporters: UPI, Plus Commentary on Benton

"Romney, speaking before about 200 people at the Hotel Des Moines Tuesday called the $787 billion economic stimulus package "the biggest, most careless one-time expenditure by the federal government in history."
This is the second paragraph of the story posted on UPI (United Press International, for you younger kids).

WOW! The support for Romney is OVERWHELMING in Iowa!
The URL link to the story:

I found this over at Mike Rivero's site, 'What Really Happened' (http://whatreallyhappened.com/).

I was going to add the Huffington Post Story entitled "It's Romney's to Lose: Here's How He Does It", but I see that it has been posted already.

Jesse Benton can go to Hell. Snakes and weasels are easy to rout out. Double-crossing SOB's like Benton are somewhat harder, but it is easier to do, if one considers his 'Snake' or 'Weasel' status at this time.
The enemies within one's house are the most difficult to deal with, but have the HIGHEST PRIORITY, and present a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER that must be terminated WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE.
YOU understand that, to which I refer; his LATEST 'press release'.
There is a special section of Hell that is assigned to those who proclaim support of a principle, yet attempt to undermine the physical application of such. HE has made war with his Father-in-law, for gosh sakes!

Enough about that subject.
I am in this all the way, 100%, in the support and positive affirmation of The Honorable Congressman from the state of Texas Dr. Ronald Paul M.D., and his principles of the RESTORATION of the Constitution For The United States, and this weasel Benton has declared himself to be an OPEN ENEMY of the Campaign to ELECT RON PAUL as PRESIDENT, by his statements.

Enjoy the Mittens Romulan article on UPI!

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Willard may be having money problems

if he can only afford 200 attendees.