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VIDEO: Jim Cramer Explains How the Stock Market is Manipulated


Jim Cramer explains how HE manipulated the stock market and what tools were used to make things go his way. It is very revealing and apparently legal. These guy use massive amounts of cash to make this stuff work and are not afraid to mislead many people with propaganda and false news to get them to move one way or another. It is all for profit and unless you can see through this veil of lies, it will be very hard to make returns with people like this moving massive amounts of cash through the system. It is a also a good guide line to see how gold and silver is being played like a fiddle and overly manipulated. Metals will reign of course, but it will take time.

NOTE: He still manipulates the market on a daily basis with his show.

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Jim should be in Jail with his msm and wall street buddies!!