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Grassroots TV Ads? Need Help, let's set this up with a Super Pac!

I would like to raise awareness to a grassroots tv ad targeting TX and or CA. Me and my law firm, would be proud to pitch in what we could to this effort.. But, just us wont cut it. Is there any others that would pitch in to blanket some ads across these states since the campaign wont do so? Maybe a money bomb through a super pac? Is there any pac's that would help? Please get me and other's wanting to get this going into the right direction, because i do not have a super pac nor do i have contacts with Rev Pac or LibertForAll.. Would you donate to one of these money bomb's set up by a pac as well? Please give me opinion's and guidance! Thanks!

Money Bomb @ 12pm tonight! Spread the Word!

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that's some good lawyer talk right there! i don't care who ya are, that's good lawyer talk!!!